Versatile Wire Wind It Tool – Easy Chenille Stem Spider Tutorial

Versatile Wire Wind It Tool – Easy Chenille Stem Spider Tutorial

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Have you been formally introduced to the handy Wire Wind It Tool by Purple Cow?  It really is a great tool with so many different uses!  With an ounce of creativity, you can make so many things with this little guy. You get 10 different shapes to use and they all fit into the little base making this a contained gadget which I think it great, because if you’re anything like me… I tend to loose pieces for things if they aren’t self contained (tell me I’m not alone on this!).

You may have seen Abbey use this previously in her oh-so-cute Wire Name Hanger tutorial too, it’s so very versatile!  I have been working hard using this little guy to come up with some more ideas for you and how to use it and thought to myself “Who says you have to use just normal wire?”  I started thinking of different things I could use and thought of chenille stems (aka pipe cleaners).  Granted there is wire inside a chenille stem, but it’s not JUST wire. With Halloween right around the corner I decided to make a spider!  How cute is this little guy?

Here’s how easy it is to make one yourself…

I started off with a bag of multi colored chenille stems and picked out all the black to create the legs for spidey using the long curly cue form.

Wrap the chenille stem around the form and then use a pair of flat  nose pliers to trim the excess off to make a flat leg.  Next, take a few more black stems and make your spidey body.  Just wrap them around and form the ball with your hand.  It can be a little mishappen and smaller than your final spidey body, you will add more to it as you add the legs. Mine started out with two stems and was about the size of a quarter.

Next take another black stem and hang half the legs off of it like so:

Make sure all your legs are facing the same direction.  Wrap this around your spidey body to firmly attach your legs.  Wrap around until you use up the stem.  Take another stem and repeat on the other side.

Wrap the excess around your body again, trying to keep it in a ball shape going in the middle.  Now your spidey is just about done!  Finish him off with a pair of stick on googly eyes and you’re all done!  How cute is he??  I have a half dozen of these randomly around my house now for Halloween… aren’t they are adorable!

I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy tutorial!  Will you try this project out?  I have a lot more projects using the Wire Wind It Tool and you’re bound to see them soon!

Happy Crafting!


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