Ten Cricut Projects To Sell

Ten Cricut Projects To Sell

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Tis the season for craft fairs + making gifts! If you’re looking to start selling your Cricut projects, here are ten projects that could potentially work for you. If you’re interested in making them, you can click on the links to get all the details on either our blog or YouTube channel. And you can shop on our website, www.craft-e-corner.com for all your materials!

1. Doormats

Doormats have been super trendy this year— and yes, you CAN make them with your Cricut! All you need is some permanent vinyl, transfer tape, outdoor paint and a little patience. They’re also great gifts which is why I think they might be a good item to add to your craft fair inventory! If you search Pinterest, there are tons of funny quotes that you could use for designs. We also have some free SVG files for doormats in our Cricut Community Facebook Group, just click here to join. You could also offer personalized options for your customers, like the last name and established year doormat below. I’ve seen blank doormats at Target, IKEA and Home Depot, but I’m sure you can find them all over.

2. Wood Signs

Everyone loves a good wood sign, especially when they have intention and meaning behind the words— just like this one we made for Mother’s Day. You can make an assortment of wood signs with either paint or vinyl to sell at your craft fairs, but we’d encourage you to find phrases like this one that spark joy and meaning to a customer when they read it. Find all the project details for the Mother's Day sign here!

There are tons of different ways you can make wood signs, with varying different materials. Check out some other ones we have made by click the links below:

3. Repurposed Windows

If farmhouse & rustic-style decor fits into your business's brand, then repurposing some windows with vinyl or window cling may be something you want to make and sell! They’re pretty simple to make and make great statement pieces in people’s homes. To make these windows, you’ll just need vinyl or window cling and some transfer tape! It’s just as simple as applying it to the window and maybe adding a wreath. The two listed below are some that I made for my home. I love how they look, but I also love how inexpensive and quick they are to make— each one cost me $5-10 to make {and I had a LOT of leftover vinyl afterwards!}.

4. Felt Banners

I love these simple felt banners! I created them using felt and iron-on. They would be inexpensive to make and you could create them to say anything you wanted! You could change the shape too or even create a pennant-style banner. I think the possibilities are endless with this project!

5. Tea Towels

Tea towels are always a great gift, so they’d be great to bring and sell! In addition to this, they’re inexpensive to make which means they’ll be a lower-priced item for your customers too. Make a variety of tea towels— some funny, some meaningful— and these are sure to be a good seller for you at your craft fair! Because really, who doesn’t need more tea towels in their house?

6. Leather Projects

Leather is one of my favorite materials to work with, so you can bet a lot of my family and friends are getting some leather gifts this year! Here are a few different leather projects that we’ve made that you could sell at a craft fair:

7. Baby Clothes + Accessories

Everyone loves to shop for the babies in their lives, so making some baby clothes or accessories may be worth your time! You can keep these projects relatively simple by using some iron-on/heat transfer vinyl and an EasyPress. Baby hats, bibs, clothing, shoes...there are tons of options for this! Here’s a few we have done:

 8. Infusible Ink: T-Shirts, Coasters + More!

Have you had a chance to try out Infusible Ink yet? If not, you’re going to LOVE it. You can make permanent t-shirts, baby onesies and coasters! Here’s some examples of projects we’ve done:

9. Paper Projects

Paper crafts are always a favorite to make! They're relatively inexpensive and can be used for several different occasions. Think cards, banners, gift tags...or even some wall decor! Here's a few ideas that could potentially work for you.

10. Iron-On Corkboards

Did you know you can apply iron-on to corkboards?! Yep, it's pretty awesome. You could design some cork boards for busy moms, for a dorm room or even a gift for a teacher's classroom. It's super simple— you just need iron-on and an EasyPress or iron!


There you have it! Ten Cricut projects to make and sell. We hope this list was helpful and provided some inspiration for you as you are making this holiday season! We wish you the best of luck in your endeavors + if you're ever looking for a community of Cricut crafters, we'd love for you to join us in our Facebook group. Happy making!


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