5 Cricut Tools for Beginners

5 Cricut Tools for Beginners

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When you're just getting started with your Cricut, it can sometimes be overwhelming with everything there is to learn! We're here to help. In this post, we're going to explore five of our favorite tools for Cricut beginners. We'll walk through how to use them and also include links for you to purchase them. 

Although we are featuring the five most essential tools to get started with, I could not resist including a picture of the metal storage box I found and decorated to keep all my Cricut tools in. It keeps them close at hand for every project. There are so many different ways to organize your Cricut "Stuff." This is just what works for me. 

Let's get started!


If I had to choose one, the weeder tool would be my #1 Cricut craft tool. When you're working with certain materials like adhesive vinyl and iron-on vinyl, you'll need to remove the excess vinyl from around your designs. That's what this handy little tool is for! It can pierce into your material to easily remove it.


The scraper tool is another tool that I use almost every time I am crafting with my Cricut. When you're placing your material on a cutting mat to get ready to cut, you'll want to make sure that it has completely adhered to your mat. The scraper tool can help you push your material down, making sure there are no kinks or air bubbles. Additionally, you can also use the scraper tool to remove materials from the cutting mat. It's perfect for scraping off those left-over pieces! The scraper tool is available in two sizes: the standard size and an XL size.


I'm sure you've heard of a paper trimmer before. This tool is fantastic for cutting all sorts of materials, not just paper! I like to use it to cut adhesive vinyl, iron-on vinyl, Infusible Ink, paper and more. I love using the paper trimmer for two reasons. First, it keeps all my material square. I find this especially helpful when I'm working with Smart Materials since they need to be loaded in the machine perfectly square. Second, I also find that it helps me save material because I can precisely cut my material down to size.


If you love making cards, flowers or other paper crafts, you'll love the scoring stylus. It seamlessly applies score lines to all your paper projects. It's also really affordable too, which is a huge win in my book. Note: the scoring stylus is only available for Explore and Maker machines.


Last, but certainly not least, is the spatula tool. I love using this tool to help get materials off the cutting mat, especially delicate materials. It can easily help pry up materials.

If you're looking to snag all of these tools, I highly recommend checking out the Cricut Essential Tool set. When I picked up my first Cricut, this was the exact tool set that I picked! It also comes with a pair of scissors and tweezers which are also super helpful.

There you have it! Five of our go-to Cricut craft tools. Which one do you think you'll use the most in your Cricut crafting?


Happy crafting with your new Cricut. We know you're going to love it!

Courteney and Leslie

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