What Tools Do I Need? Cricut Tools Explained

What Tools Do I Need? Cricut Tools Explained

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Once you get your Cricut, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with everything there is to learn. There are so many materials and tools out there to work with! How do you know what to buy? How do you know which tools are most helpful for you and your crafting? We’ve been there and we want to help you out! In this post today, we’re going to show you ten Cricut tools that we faithfully use in our crafting.

Cricut Tools for Beginners

1.  Weeder

This tool truly is a must-have when it comes to Cricut crafting! If you aren’t familiar with weeding yet, you will be soon. Basically, when your Cricut cuts materials like vinyl or iron-on, you’ll need to remove the excess material from around your design and also inside of the design. You’re basically removing negative space so you can get to your design. You’ll need a weeder in your life, trust me. I actually love this Weeder Tool Kit because it comes with a few different weeders. And honestly, I stock up on weeder tools when they go on sale because I have a bad habit of losing them. 

2.  Scraper

The scraper is another must-have tool because you will use this almost every time you use your Cricut! You can use your scraper in several different ways in your Cricut crafting. First, it will help to apply materials to the mat before you cut. Before you cut your material, you want to make sure that the material is completely flat on the mat— the scraper will help to remove any debris you may have stuck on the mat and also any air bubbles. The scraper tool can also be used to help remove materials from the mat and apply vinyl/transfer tape onto surfaces. I truly use my scraper tool every time I pull out my Cricut. The regular-sized scraper comes in a lot of packs like this Basic Tool Set. But trust me, you’ll want to upgrade to the XL Scraper {this is the one shown above}. They're affordable and amazing! And just like the weeder, you'll probably want to keep a few scrapers on hand. 

3.  Basic Tool Set

This five-piece tool set is one of our most popular tool kits. It comes with five tools, two of which we have already talked about: a weeder, scraper, and also scissors, tweezers and a spatula. This is a great tool kit to get if you’re just starting out in the Cricut world! We’ve already talked about how awesome the weeder and scraper are so let’s take a look at the other three tools now. First up: scissors. I think it’s pretty obvious how you will use these in your Cricut crafting! Next, the tweezers can be helpful for applying smalls details to your projects, weeding vinyl/iron-on, or removing hot carrier sheets. And lastly, the spatula is also included in this pack. This is another staple tool— it will help you to remove materials on your mat! All in all, I’d recommend the Basic Tools Set for beginners. It’ll help get ya started in your Cricut crafting!

4.  Brayer

The brayer tool has recently become one of my favorite tools! The brayer was originally created to help apply fabric to cutting mats for the Cricut Maker but there are a TON of uses for it, even if you don’t have the Maker. I love using the brayer to help apply materials to the cutting mat. Now you might be thinking, “Didn’t you just tell me to use a scraper to apply materials to the mat?” And yes— I did, BUT I think the brayer is better than the scraper for certain materials. For example, I always use the brayer tool to apply leather and fabric to my mat. I don’t know how to explain it, but the materials stick WAY better to the mat when I use the brayer instead of the scraper for materials like these. I think it has something to do with the pressure and how it rolls over the materials. Also, I use the brayer when I’m applying a material that I don’t want to get scratched. For example, I recently made a project using adhesive foil. When I first applied it to the mat, I used a scraper and realized I ended up scratching the foil. I had to recut the material and used a brayer the second time around so that I didn’t scratch it. The scratching has only ever happened with foil, but I think it’s important to note to be extra careful. All this to say, I love having the brayer on hand!

5.  Scoring Stylus

The scoring stylus is a great tool to have on hand if you like to make paper projects! Your Cricut will hold the scoring stylus to create fold lines for you. Now you easily make cards, envelopes, boxes 3D project and more! The scoring stylus works for both the Cricut Explore Air 2 and the Cricut Maker. As a side note, for my Maker friends, you can also using the Scoring Wheel— either work well.

6.  Portable Trimmer

You guys, this trimmer is a GAME. CHANGER. When you’re working with materials, you’ll always have to cut pieces away, right? Might as well make some straight lines! Seriously though, I love using this because it allows me to cut exactly what I need and cut it in straight lines. And you can easily measure what you need to cut on the trimmer, so you can make exact cuts! There is a swing-out arm that allows you to line your materials up straight, measure, and then cut exactly what you need. I actually think it saves a lot of material because you’re precisely cutting what you need.

If you’re new to the Cricut crafting world, I highly recommend the trimmer. It comes with this Cricut Essential Tool Set. Besides the trimmer, the set includes all of the tools in the basic tool set that we talked about earlier (scissors, scraper, spatula, tweezers, weeder) - plus it also comes with a scoring stylus. It’s the best bang for your buck and you get a ton of tools with it. When I purchased my Cricut, I also purchased this pack at the same time and I still use all the tools to this day.

7.  Sewing Kit

*This recommendation is for the Cricut Maker only.* As you probably know, the Cricut Maker has the ability to cut through fabric. It’s seriously incredible technology! When I first got my Maker, I picked up one of the sewing kits as well. If you are already an avid sewer, you may have a lot of these items on hand. However, if you’re new like I was or need to stock up on some sewing items, then I highly recommend this kit! It comes with seven pieces: a pin cushion, fabric shears, seam ripper, thread snips, pins, measuring tape and a leather thimble. All essential items for sewing + crafting with your Cricut!

8.  Self-Healing Rotary Mat

self-healing mat

While we’re talking about sewing, you may want to snag a double-sided self-healing mat! This is a rotary cutting mat, but I actually love to use my mat for more than just cutting fabric. I like to do most of my crafting on top of it so I don’t wreck or damage my table. One side has a pretty design and the other has a grid with 30, 45 and 60 degree markings. All this to say, I like to use this mat to do general crafting on top of and also cut fabric. You’re sure to love it!

9.  True Control Knife

The TrueControl Knife is basically an Xacto knife but WAY better! Due to how it was designed, you can have better control over your projects when using the TrueControl Knife versus an Xacto knife. It can cut a wide variety of materials, like paper, cardstock, thin plastics, canvas, fabric and more. It has a rubber handle which allows you to get a good grip and it comes with five replacement blades that you can easily swap out without having to touch the blade. It’s a tiny, but mighty tool! I love my TrueControl Knife.

10.  BrightPad Go

brightpad go

Shine light on every detail with Cricut BrightPad Go! Use this cordless LED lightbox or light pad for weeding vinyl and iron-on projects, tracing, stenciling, diamond painting, jewelry making, and more.  Bright Pad Go is an ideal companion for any Cricut cutting machine and features more than 2 hours of battery-life and five adjustable brightness settings.  Reduce eye strain and see even even the smallest details with ease and comfort!  Shop this latest tool in the Cricut BrightPad family, including unique Cricut BrightPad Bundle deals.

So there you have it! Ten Cricut tools that would be great additions to your craft room. My biggest piece of advice in deciding which tools to purchase is to ask yourself, "How would I use this in my crafting?" or "What do I intend to make with this tool?" If you can think of a few projects it would be helpful for, then it may be worth a shot!

If you're a Cricut user, what kind of tools do you love to use in your craft room?


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