DIY Cricut Vinyl Appreciation Basket Everyday Heroes

DIY Cricut Vinyl Appreciation Basket for Everyday Heroes

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Okay, this is a fun little project to show your appreciation for your mailmen and women and/or deliver drivers of any sort. The nice thing is that it is completely customizable and you can swap out anything for whatever you have. 

So to start I used an old fan blade I had for projects but you could use a 2 x 4 or even another sign you had around you don't care for, or one that you do and you could just paint the back and still use it. All I'm saying is there is a lot of options. 

Supplies Needed

- Fan Blade or a tall thin board or sign you could paint over

- Cricut Permanent Vinyl for outside use

- Cricut Air, Explore Air, Air 2, Maker

- Transfer Paper

- Paint (any kind, if you are using outdoor paint great! If not you will need a sealant or varnish.)

- Sandpaper (optional)

- Planter or Basket or Decorative Box (something easy to clean)

- Bottled Water, Snacks, Drinks, Reusable Gloves, Masks, Lysol Wipes, Alcohol Wipes, Hand Sanitizer, Use your imagination!

- Plastic Grocery bag (filled with bags or rags or some sort of stuffing to add filler)

I designed my message in Design Space and started cutting the letters out. Normally I would add the font I am using and all of that, but I want this to be more of an inspirational post than an instructional. 


I had already painted 3 coats of chalk paint and wanted to sand it a bit to make it smoother for the letters to apply.


Here are the paint and varnish I used.

Sanding... Just use a 220 grit and a light sanding.

Once sanded, I applied 2 layers of varnish just in case it was left out on a rainy day. Now time to weed the letters!

Apply Cricut Transfer Tape...

Apply to your Board, scrape your letters, and ever so carefully remove your transfer tape. YESSSS! Looking good.

Next, go for the gold! Apply, scrape, apply, scrape, you know the routine. 

Now you can fill your basket or planter with bag filler, stuff the top with goodies and plenty of sanitizing wipes, and the fan blade fits perfect stuffed behind the bags.


Look at that beauty! I really like how this turned out and such a nice gesture for those working and risking their health as well. I hope you all enjoyed and got some inspiration for your own appreciation basket. We would love to see some!

Happy Crafting Everyone! Stay Safe and Healthy!


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