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Color-Blocked Joy Ornament Using Craft Wood and Adhesive Vinyl

Color-Blocked Joy Ornament Using Craft Wood and Adhesive Vinyl

completed joy ornament



Craft wood circle, 3 inches in diameter

Paint, warm white or off white and gold

Painters tape or masking tape

Adhesive vinyl, gold

Cord for hanging



Drill a small hole about .25 inches from the top edge of the wood circle. Paint both sides and the edges of the circle using warm white or a warm off white acrylic paint. Allow to dry.

Apply painters tape across the bottom third to bottom half of the circle. Repeat on the other side of the circle, aligning the edges of the tape.

apply painters tape

Paint the bottom end of the circle using gold paint.  Several coats of paint may be needed for complete coverage. Allow to dry.

paint gold

Create a cut design for the word “JOY” in Cricut Design Space.  I’m using Joy #M36DC8 - but there are many other choices - or you could create your own text using a font you like.  Size the width of the design to about 2.5 inches. Make the project, cutting the word from gold vinyl.  Weed the design and apply it to both sides of the ornament.

apply vinyl

Use a large needle to thread a piece of gold cord through the hole in the top of the ornament for hanging.

completed project ornament



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