No-Sew Felt Nutcracker Ornaments Cricut Iron-On

No-Sew Felt Nutcracker Ornaments with Cricut Iron-On

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nutcracker ornaments

The holiday season is a perfect opportunity to get creative and crafty with DIY projects. If you're looking for a fun and easy project to make this holiday season, then look no further than these adorable nutcracker ornaments. Made from felt and Cricut Iron-on, these ornaments are customizable and require only a few materials to create. In this blog post, we'll walk you through the steps to create your own nutcracker ornaments, so you can add a unique touch to your holiday decor or create a thoughtful gift for your loved ones.


  • Felt, skin color
  • Stiffened felt, white
  • Iron-on fusible webbing
  • Cricut Iron-On, colors of choice (I’m using the colors from this bundle in Copper, Wild Blueberry, Rose Pink, Mint for a twist on traditional Christmas colors.)
  • Stiffened felt, dark blue
  • Jewelry bale plate, optional
  • Glue


Create your cut design in Cricut Design Space. I’m using a simplified version of these designs below, free with Cricut Access. I have eliminated some of the pieces and reduced the number of colors used in the design to 4 colors plus white. Size your cut design to 2x6 inches (or your choice). Make the project and weed the cut design to remove the excess iron-on material.

  • Nutcracker - #M11B8007C
  • Nutcracker - #M11B92E9A
  • Nutcracker - #M11B9484E
  • Nutcracker - #M11B91A71

nutcracker cut design

Rough cut a piece of skin-colored felt and white stiffened felt a little bit larger than your nutcracker design. Adhere the 2 pieces of felt using iron-on fusible webbing. I found using the stiffened felt helped stabilize the skin-colored felt so it did not stretch out of shape when I peeled the clear carrier sheet (from the iron-on) off the felt after pressing.

prep felt

Apply the iron-on to the felt using an EasyPress or household iron. I set the temperature on my EasyPress at 285 degrees and set the time at 15 seconds for pressing each layer, and that seemed to work well. Allow each layer to cool before peeling away the carrier sheet.

Before you begin pressing, spend some time organizing the cut pieces for each nutcracker and figuring out the order you should use to apply them to the felt. Be sure to use a piece of parchment paper (or similar) to cover the nutcracker as you apply the successive layers of iron-on. I suggest using a fresh sheet with each press. Some adhesive will invariably seep from the layers of iron-on already applied and using a clean sheet of parchment will keep you from transferring that adhesive to new layers on the ornament.

layer cut pieces

After all the layers of the nutcracker have been pressed, trim the excess felt from the ornament. Add a nose and eyes using a bit of embroidery floss (or marker or scrap felt). Cut a piece of stiffened blue felt about 2.25x6.25 inches and glue it to the back of the ornament. If you'd like, adhere a flat bale plate between the layers to use as a hanger for the ornament.

And that's it! Thanks for stopping by! - Lee Ann

glue background felt

completed ornaments

nutcrackers on shelf

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