Snow Globe Ornament Using Die Cut Paper Cricut

Snow Globe Ornament Using Die Cut Paper With Your Cricut


finished globe ornament

Looking for a fun and easy holiday craft project? Look no further than this finished globe ornament made with your Cricut machine! With just a few materials and some simple instructions, you can create a beautiful ornament that will be sure to impress. This project uses a 3D reindeer design from Cricut Access, sized to fit the snow globe. After cutting and assembling the deer, glue it to the top of a base made from white felt or batting and silver sparkle paper. Finally, assemble the snow globe, add paper decorations if desired, and attach a red pom pom to the top with fishing line. Hang it up and enjoy your beautiful creation!


  • Plastic snow globe
  • Cardstock in white, brown, green, and red
  • Scrap of silver sparkle paper
  • Scrap of white felt or batting
  • Small red pom pom
  • White glue or gluestick
  • E6000 or similar adhesive
  • Clear fishing line for hanging



Select a 3D holiday design from Cricut Access like this one - Reindeer Stand Up #M1159ED2. Size the design to fit your snow globe.  Make the project using cardstock.

cut design for snow globe

Assemble the deer using white glue.

glue deer together

Cut a piece of white felt or batting large enough to cover the base of the globe.  Cut a circle of silver sparkle paper sized to fit the base. Glue the batting and sparkle paper to the base using E6000 or similar adhesive. Glue the deer to the top of the base.

glue to base

Assemble the globe.  Glue paper decorations to the base of the snow globe if desired. Glue a red pom pom to the top of the globe using E6000 and thread a piece of fishing line through the pom pom for a hanger.

completed snow globe ornament

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