Cricut Foil Transfer Genuine Leather Napkin Rings

Cricut Foil Transfer With Genuine Leather Napkin Rings

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How is it time for Thanksgiving already? I love Thanksgiving! I love any holiday that involves family and food! My amazing sister always puts on such an amazing spread for Thanksgiving. I wanted to do something special this year for her. I decided to maker her some napkin rings for her collection of cloth napkins.



Cricut Genuine Leather
Foil transfer Tool
Painters Tape
Cricut Machine
Strong grip mat
Cricut Tools


In Design Space I created my napkin ring shape first. I used a square and two triangle shapes to make the first outline. I welded those all together. I then used a very thin square to cut out the slits that were going to help hold the napkin ring around the napkin. I sliced those shapes out of the main shape.

After my main shape was done I found the leaves image in Design Space. They had a draw and cut portion of the design. I would only be using the draw part of the design for the Foil Tool. I unattached the whole image and hid the cut parts of the design.

I started by putting my words in the middle of each napkin (Grateful, Thankful, Blessed). I selected the word and changed the Linetype to Foil. Then I placed the leaves (and an acorn) around my words to make a pretty fall pattern. Also, setting the linetype to Foil.

When I had each napkin the way I wanted it I attached each napkin together, the leaves with the napkin shape.

Now its time to get the mat ready. Normally, when cutting leather you put the pretty side down on the mat. But I am wanting to put the foil on the pretty side so for this I put the pretty side of the leather face up on my strong grip mat. When you take the leather off later you will have to clean the mat a little bit but it’s so worth it! Be sure to really push that leather into the mat. Use a brayer for extra stability. 

Outline the leather with painters’ tape. This will really make sure that it doesn’t go anywhere.

Next is the Foil. I have 12x12 sheets. The Foil sheets come with their own reusable tape to help it stick to the base material. This tape will stick to the leather much better than the mat or the painters’ tape. I cut my foil down to an 11x11 square. {If you are doing a smaller project, be sure that the foil is not bigger than your base material. The foil will stick to the mat and leave foil pieces on it} Use the reusable tape that comes with the foil to secure the foil down well to the leather. You really do not want the foil moving around while it is transferring.

Now, genuine leather is not a compatible base material for the foil transfer tool yet. So I choose Kraft Board for the base material. I also made sure to select more pressure with the cut. You will want to be sure to follow all of the prompts on the screen. I inserted the Foil Transfer Tool with the fine tip into my clamp B. I loaded my mat and hit cut.

When it is done with the foil transfer it will prompt you to remove the foil and foil tape. DO NOT UNLOAD THE MAT. Just take off the foil. Then I took out the Foil Transfer Tool and replaced it with my Deep point blade. Design Space will tell you to use fine point blade because it thinks we are cutting kraft board. But with my Explore Air 2 I needed the Deep Point Blade to cut the genuine leather.

After it was done cutting and I unloaded my mat, I pulled off all the leather and the tape. I used my scissors to clean up some of the edges of the leather.


I am so happy with how these turned out and I am so excited to give these to my Sister.


Have you made anything with the new Foil Transfer Tool? I’d love to hear what you’ve done.


*A little progress each day adds up to big results


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What I can’t figure out is how the foil is supposed to stick to anything. Just by pressure? I’m tempted to get real metallic foil, put that down with some sort of celophane on top, and use the foil embosser on that. At least real leaf foil is sticky. I’ve tried everything, including these Kraft/heavy pressure settings and this foil won’t stick to what I want it to stick to (genuine leather). sigh. Your napkin rings are beautiful!


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