Cricut Holographic Iron On Sampler - Berry Sorbet

Cricut Holographic Iron On - Golden Birthday T-Shirt

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A person's golden birthday, occurs when they turn the age of their birth day.  In just a few days my youngest daughter will turn 12.  I decided to pick an image that represents how I hope she feels as she continues to grow, confident and sweet.  She loves fruit, so this saying inside a pineapple will fit her style.  I chose the colors she feels confident in wearing with a little bit of shine.

Here are the quick steps I completed with my Cricut Air machine to make her this Golden Birthday Gift. 

Cricut Holographic Iron On Sampler - Berry Sorbet

Materials Used (click on links to shop from our website):

I uploaded this image into Design Space, cleared out the background of the image and saved for cutting. 

 Pineapplet Cricut Design Space Image

As I prepare my mat for cutting Design Space reminds me to Mirror my Image, so that the cut will be read in the correct direction when applied to the t-shirt.

Cricut Design Space - Mirror Image

You’ll want to make sure that you change your machine setting to Iron On for correct pressure and speed for cutting. 

Make sure the Iron-On is adhered well to the mat so there is no movement during the cutting process.  Time to cut out the Cricut Holographic Berry Sorbet Iron On sheet.

Weeding or removal of the excess material can be seen as tedious, but a little practice and it becomes quicker each time.  Simply remove the excess iron-on from around the letters and shapes.

Weeding Iron On

I found with the holographic there was potential for some of the shine to stay even if a portion of the material removed… take your time to get it all. Don’t forget the inside of the letters as well! 


 Weeding Tip

TIP… I cut a small section of my adhesive backing away from my design.  With it being sticky, I can touch my weeder tool to it, “drop off” the little pieces and have easier clean up. 

I’m applying my Iron On material to my t-shirt with my Cricut EasyPress. I always use the interactive heating instructions from Cricut on their website. It takes into consideration my materials and Easy Press version for the right settings every time.  You can find it by clicking here

When it’s time to press, first preheat the area again for 5 seconds with the EasyPress. Then apply the cut design. Heat it for 30 seconds with light pressure. Then flip the material and heat it from the back for 15 seconds.

TIP…  I just turned my Easy Press diagonally to cover my design fully, instead of heating it twice.

Cricut Easy Press - Rotate for Coverage


What ways have you celebrated your family’s special birthdays?

Happy Crafting.


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