Cricut Mug Press Unboxing and Project

Getting Started with Cricut Mug Press

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Cricut Mug Press // Unbox, Set Up, and First Project

I got the new Cricut Mug Press! I am so blown away by this thing! It is so pretty and absolutely the easiest to use. I am actually pretty new to infusible ink. I have had my Cricut for awhile but there was something about infusible ink that just made me so nervous. After I did one project I was hooked. The whole concept is just so cool and I am amazed more and more every time. The way it just infuses into the blank just blows my mind.

This mug press makes creating such professional looking mugs so quick and simple. Great for gifts or to sell!



Standard Grip Mat
Cricut Mug Press
Cricut Mug Blank
Infusible Ink
Heat Resistant Tape



Finally got my hands on this beauty!


Opening up the box for the first time.


Inside the box includes the press, power cord, USB cord, and an envelope for warranty information and instructions. It is so sleek and pretty. It is light weight and doesn’t take up much space at all.


I took the plastic off and plugged the power cord in.


I then plugged the USB into my computer. It is easy to set up. Right in Design Space you click on the menu button and then on New Machine Setup. You will click on Easy Press and the Mug Press. Then follow the on screen prompts. This doesn’t take long at all.


In Design Space I used a Mug Design template right in the images. I created the image with text and a planet also available in Design Space. I sliced this welded image out of the mug wrap template. Be sure to not resize this design or it will not fit on your mug. When you go to make it you will select infusible ink. Mirror your image. And I always select more pressure when working with infusible ink.


Infusible ink goes on the mat pattern/color side up (double check you mirrored the image). After it is cut out you will want to weed it. Weeding Infusible ink is much different than vinyl! It feels almost like thick paper. You do not want to use weeding tools, you do it all by hand.


After it is all weeded you line it up on the mug, making sure it is on there nice and tight. Use the heat resistant tape to help keep it tight and on straight.


Press the power button on the mug press and let it warm up. It will beep letting you know when it is warm. Carefully place the mug inside the press. Be sure to be aware of where the hot plate is so you do not burn yourself.


As you can see the design can not wrap fully around the mug or on the handle.


Press the lever down and the Mug Press does the rest. It determines the temp of the mug and the temp in the room and will figure out how long and at what temp it needs to press for. There is no calculating on your part!


There are little lights on the top to indicate how far in the process it is. When all five lights are lit up it will beep to tell you it is done. The time may vary depending on the temp in the room but for mine it was a little over 5 and a half minutes.


Lift up on the lever.


Very carefully lift the mug out of the press. The mug will be SUPER hot. Place it on a heat protected surface like the easy press mat or a hot pad.


Let it sit there to cool off. Cricut recommends about 20-30 min.


After it is cool take off the transfer sheet and admire the beauty.


The new mug press really makes the process of creating super professional mugs in minutes super easy. Infusible ink is just the coolest thing. If you have never tried to make anything with infusible ink I really suggest giving it a shot. I was so nervous before I tried it because I always saw people doing it wrong. But as long as you follow the correct steps it is really quite simple. And the results are AMAZING!!!


Have you tried the mug press yet? Let us know in the comments what mugs you’ve made so far!


Here are a few others I’ve done….



*Create your own magic!





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