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Cricut Projects for the Baby

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I absolutely love being able to personalized gifts. Baby showers are no different! Here are 3 different things that I did for an upcoming baby shower gift that I did with my Cricut.




Cricut tools
Standard Grip Mat
Easy Press
Iron-On Vinyl
Plain Onesies



I started with creating my designs in Design Space. I measured the space I had to work with on the onesies and made sure that the designs fit inside that space.


I placed the iron-on vinyl face down on my standard grip mat. I selected the material and had my Cricut cut out the design. When it was down cutting I weeded the designs.

I used my EasyPress to transfer the vinyl onto the onesies. I follow the Cricut Heat Guide to know how long to press and at what temperature. I press the front, allow it to cool, remove the transfer sheet, and then press the back of the onesie.





Personalized Baby Bottle



          Cricut tools
          Standard Grip Mat
          Premium Vinyl
          Transfer Tape


I started in Design Space with finding the text I liked for the first name. I then ungrouped the name so that I could change the color for each letter.


I then added the middle name and choose a font I liked for that. I changed that name to a different color. I placed the middle name under the first name where I wanted it.


With both the first and middle name selected I clicked on the offset button up on top. I played around with the spacing for the offset to where I liked it and clicked apply.


It will be black at first but you can change the color.


Then I had the Cricut cut out all the pieces. It was a lot of mat changes because of all the different colors.


I used my weeder tool to get ride of the access vinyl.


I used transfer tape to place all the letters onto the white offset.


Then I used the same transfer tape to move the whole layered image over to the bottle.




Baby Bibs



          Cricut tools
          Standard Grip Mat
          Iron-On Vinyl
          Easy Press
          SVG files:
                   Alarm Clock


I uploaded each design into Design Space. I sized them to fit on the bibs.


I placed the Iron-On vinyl on my Standard Grip mat, shiny side down.


I selected my material (Don't forget to mirror!) and had the Cricut cut it out. When it was done cutting I weeded each design.


I centered the cut image onto the bib.


I used my Easy Press to transfer. Again, check with Cricut Heat Guide to know for how long and what temp.


After it was cool, I peeled off the transfer sheet. And pressed again from the back of the bib.



I am so excited to be able to give these homemade personalized gifts to the new addition. What other baby items have you used your Cricut to personalize.

*Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.


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