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Cricut Machines, Accessories & Materials at Everyday Low Prices
4th of July Baby Onesie with Cricut EasyPress2

4th of July Baby Onesie with Cricut EasyPress2

The 4th of July is going to be here before we know it! We made a quick and easy baby onesie in honor of the 4th of July using Cricut Everyday Iron-On, Glitter Iron-On and an EasyPress2.

Materials Used (click on links to shop from our website):

To get started, we are going to cut our Everyday Iron-On and Glitter Iron-On. You will want to put them face down on the mat and make sure to mirror your image in Design Space before cutting. I am using two different colors from the Mini Sampler. I cut my Everyday Iron-On first and then the Glitter Iron-On last. You’ll want to make sure that you change your cutting settings to Glitter Iron-On before you cut the glitter otherwise it won’t cut correctly. Make sure the Iron-On is adhered well to the mat – you can use a scraper tool to really push it down.

Then we are going to weed the iron-on. I like to use a weeder tool to do this. Simply remove the excess iron-on from around the letters and shapes. Don’t forget the inside of the letters as well!

Then we are going to pre-heat our EasyPress2. I always recommend following the heating instructions from Cricut on their website. You can find it by clicking here. Since we have two different Iron-On materials (Glitter and Everyday Iron-On), we will have to apply them separately since they have different settings. We will start with the Glitter Iron-On. According to Cricut’s website, we will set our settings to 330F for 30 seconds. Then we will preheat our fabric and apply the Glitter Iron-On. Then heat for 30 seconds. When it’s finished, flip the design and heat the back for 15 seconds. Once it’s cooled, you can slowly peel it off.

Then we will adjust our settings so that they are set for Everyday Iron-On. Cricut’s website says 315F for 30 seconds. When it’s ready to press, first preheat the area again for 5 seconds with the EasyPress2. Then apply the Everyday Iron-On. You can do them both at the same time if you want, but I chose to do mine separately. Heat it for 30 seconds with light pressure. I like to cover the glitter iron-on with the liner just to be safe. Then flip the material and heat it from the back for 15 seconds. Once it’s cooled for 30 seconds, slowly remove the liner. The liner should remove with ease, but if you find your Iron-On has not stuck well onto the onesie, heat it up again for 15-30 seconds and then heat the back again as well.

And that’s it! Using Iron-On is a breeze with the EasyPress2. I highly recommend investing in one if you haven’t already!  Thanks for checking out the tutorial today!




Courteney is the Social Media Manager for Craft-e-Corner. She is a mom to the sweetest baby, wife to a pilot and dog mom to a yellow lab named Lucy. She loves crafting, a good cup of coffee, and spending time with her family and friends.

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