Easy DIY: Baby loveys Iron-On Vinyl

Easy DIY: Baby loveys with Iron-On Vinyl

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Hi all, I just wanted to share my new favorite obsession that gets rave reviews from the new parents we know!

Our kids loved their 'loveys' and I like sharing those with new parents in our lives.  But what makes it extra special is the Iron-On details that I add.  This makes for a super cute gift.  I found some really cute loveys at local stores (Target/Walmart) and I give them a quick wash and dry.  Then I can personalize it for these new parents for either a keepsake or for the kids to use.  Here's one of our daycare teachers' daughter enjoying hers.  What a cutie!

I made one for my coworker's daughter too, Kaelynn.  It's bigger than what I normally do, but I got my size numbers mixed up in my head, and I needed to make it quick, so no re-cutting or wasting of vinyl here.  Usually it's about 3-4 inches wide.  Be sure to use a font that works best for you and your weeding skills.  I will say with my sweet dreams font, it was killer to get those little outlines out!

Happy crafting!

- Jolene H.

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