Cricut Writable Vinyl: Get organized with Smart Label

Cricut Smart Label Writable Vinyl: Get organized with Smart Label

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I decided to try out the new Cricut Smart Label Writable Vinyl. It isn't a new concept for Cricut but has only been available for the Joy. Now we have the bigger version for the generation 3 machines. It can be used on a cutting mat if you have an older machine. I did a project with the three different colors (white, black, and transparent).  


          Cricut Maker 3 or Explore 3
          Smart Label Writable Vinyl



The transparent worked out really well for my spice jars and had no smudging. The white opaque gel pen wasn't very consistent all the way around, but this could have been my pen and not happen to everyone. Lastly, the pen seemed to smear on the white label vinyl but It also looked like the ink from the pen wasn't fully dry when I went to put it on my bottles.


This stuff is great to be able to organize with but be sure to let the ink dry before handling.


* Good organizing is not about changing your personality - just your habits.


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