DIY Need Love Memo Cover

DIY All You Need is Love Memo Cover

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Need a little post-Valentine’s Day love? Check out these cute little reusable memo covers made using Cricut vinyl. They fit over a standard size, 3.5x4.5 inch mini composition book. Tuck one in your purse and share the rest with friends and family.

completed memo book cover


Faux leather paper or Kraft-tex paper (heavy fabric paper)
Cricut vinyl, pink
Cricut vinyl, cream
Elastic hair band
Glue (clear household contact adhesive)


Create the cut design for the cover using basic shapes from Cricut Design Space. This design will fit a standard mini composition book 3.5x4.5 inches. It is constructed from one rectangle about 10.5x4.6 inches and 4 hexagons, each about 2x1.8 inches. Position one hexagon about 1.75 inches from each corner of the rectangle and extending outward about .5 inch as illustrated below.

cut design

Cut a piece of heavy fabric paper about 12x6 inches and tape it to a Cricut cutting mat. Cut a piece of pink vinyl, also 12x6 inches. Peel the backing from the vinyl and smooth it on top of the fabric paper. Rub with your hand or use a Cricut scraper to adhere the vinyl well to the paper. Make the project.

Fold the cover as shown in the photo, creasing the folds well using the scraper.

fold and crease cover

Grab the design, “All You Need is Love and a Donut” (#MB34596B), available free with Cricut Access. Size the design to about 1.25 inches wide. Make the project using cream vinyl. Carefully weed the vinyl and apply it to the front of the memo cover using transfer paper.

apply vinyl

Sew the button and the hair elastic centered on the cover about .75 inch from the cover’s edge. Trap the elastic between the stitching so that both the button and elastic are secured.

sew button

Assemble the cover by folding down the tabs and gluing them in place on the inside cover flaps. Use clothespins or paper clips to help hold the tabs in place while the glue dries.

glue tabs

Insert the front and back of the composition book into the pockets of the cover. Stretch the elastic band to hold the cover closed.

cover close up

completed memo covers

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