Stacked Books Décor Cricut Vinyl

Stacked Books Décor with Cricut Vinyl

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I have been loving this home décor trend of the stacked books. I had to give it a go! It was actually quite easy and I loved how it turned out.



                Cricut tools
                                I used Smart Vinyl
                                But Permanent Vinyl would work with a Standard Grip Mat
                Transfer Tape
                Paint Brush
                Embellishments-I did burlap, twine, and fake flowers.



I started this project by painting my books. I bought these books at the dollar store. If I did this project again I would have bought 3 of the same size books. I did 2 coats of white paint on each book. I also did the inside flap just a little bit where the pages don’t cover it up.


After it was dry, I stacked them and wrapped burlap and twine around it. With the burlap I glued the overlap underneath. And with the twine I made a bow on top.


I then decided what I wanted to add to the top and sides with vinyl. I went in Design Space and made the designs. I cut them out of Permanent Smart Vinyl. You can use regular vinyl as well with a Standard Grip Mat.


When it was done cutting, I weeded and used transfer tape to put the words onto the book.


I then added the flowers on top with hot glue. I started with the leaves underneath and then the flower on top.

I think they turned out pretty cute. I would definitely make this project again for gifts!


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