DIY Coloring Shirts Cricut

DIY Coloring Shirts with Cricut

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My kids LOVE to color. What kid doesn’t, really? And now they can color their own shirt. My kids had a blast being able to color their shirt and then wear it. The best part: after it is washed it is brand new and they can color it again!



White T-shirt
Black Iron-on vinyl
Easy Press
Cricut Machine
Cricut Tools


I first started by searching for a coloring page on the internet. You could use an image in design space that would be good for coloring too. I saved the image of the coloring page to my computer. I then use the site to convert my image into an SVG file.

I then upload the SVG file into Design Space. After it is on my canvas I size it to the correct size for the t-shirt. And then I send it to the Cricut to cut. Always be sure to mirror your image when working with Iron-on vinyl and place the shiny side of the vinyl down towards the mat.

After it was cut out I weeded the image. This takes a little time because there are so many different parts to the coloring page.

When It was all weeded I then used my Easy Press to press the image onto the shirt. I like using the Cricut Heat Guide to make sure I am using the right settings:

And then just like that you are done!

I gave these as Christmas gifts and the kids were asking to color them immediately! I can not wait for birthday parties and give these as gifts. Such a fun and easy gift!

Literally Christmas day they wanted to color them right away!

Who would you make a coloring page shirt for? Can I make one for myself? :) 


* You do not need to be perfect to be amazing.


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How do you recommend washing these to get the color out but preserve the vinyl?


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