DIY Cricut Camping T-Shirts

DIY Cricut Camping T-Shirts

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Do you make T-shirts with your Cricut for special outings or events? I decided to make camping T-shirts this year for my husband and me. Working with Cricut Iron-On is so fun and easy that I sometimes just want an excuse to make something with it. There are lots of cute camping images, but I chose to include only text for these shirts.


T-shirt for each person
Cricut Iron-On Vinyl in chosen color (I used Everyday Iron-On in black)
Cricut Maker or Explore
Standard Grip Mat
Easy Press 2
Easy Press Mat
Cricut Weeder Tool

We have camped for quite a few years, and I am a little more enthusiastic about it than my husband. I decided our shirts should reflect each of our thoughts on camping. He once said to me that camping was "paying money to live outside like homeless people," so that had to go on his shirt. I put words on mine to say how much I like it. I am so thankful that he will still go camping with me while having that attitude about it.

First, I had to get some T-shirts and wash and dry them. Check. Then I had to create the design, and I already knew the words I wanted. Check.

I opened a 'Text' box in Design Space and typed the words for his shirt first. I put "Camping To Me:" on top with the other words centered below. Then I chose a font I liked. I ended up using DTC Autumn Sunshine.

On the same Canvas, I typed the words for my shirt. I chose "Camping To Me: My All-Time Favorite Summer Activity!" I used the same font for both shirts.

I used a ruler on top of my T-shirts to decide how big I wanted the entire design to be and then adjusted the size of the text accordingly.

Once I was ready to cut out the design for his shirt, I changed the color of the text for my shirt, so the Cricut would know to cut it out separately. I also grouped and attached each set of words for cutting.

I loaded some black Everyday Iron-On onto my mat and loaded it into my Cricut Maker. You could also use an Explore to do this project. I remembered to mirror my design so it would be readable when I ironed it onto the shirt.

Once the design was cut, I started weeding it. I usually leave the Iron-On on the mat for weeding, so it doesn't move around. 

Once it was all weeded, I removed the carrier sheet from the mat.

Then I turned the carrier sheet over so I could see how the design would look on the shirt. It came out just fine. I really liked the font I chose.

I used the Cricut Heat Guide to preheat my Easy Press 2. I recently purchased a 10 x12-inch Easy Press 2 for making T-shirts because my designs for those are usually larger. That's not really necessary, as you can use a smaller Easy Press and just apply the Iron-On with multiple passes. I usually use a 9 x 9-inch Easy Press and do just that.

However, I found myself starting to size my designs to be less than 9 x 9 inches to avoid having to do that, so I decided to invest in a bigger Easy Press. I knew I would use it enough to make it worthwhile.

Here is how my hubby's shirt looked once the text was ironed on. I thought it turned out really cute. I am thankful he's the type of guy who will not mind wearing it. He is not concerned about what others think of him. I want to be like him when I grow up, but I might be running out of time.

Next, I moved on to making my own camping shirt. I followed the same process as for the first shirt. I always use a T-shirt Guide for placement because I have trouble making things straight, and I cannot wear a shirt that has crooked text on it, or even give one as a gift. That's perfectionism for you.

Here is my shirt with the text ironed on. I was happy with this one, too. I was anxious for us to wear them together.

Now I have to figure out what I can make next with Iron-On. I suspect these won't be the only camping T-shirts we will ever own. There are so many cute designs and images that I could use. Oh, maybe I could make some for my children and/or grandchildren. What fun!

I am off now to choose some designs for those other camping shirts. Let's see.....if everyone wants one, I will need a lot of shirts and lots of Iron-On. Hmm. We will see how that works out.


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