Fun Cricut Projects for your next Camping Adventure

Fun Cricut Projects for your next Camping Adventure

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Every year before our first camping trip I always do some fun Cricut projects to take with us on our adventures. This year I did these three!


Personalized Camping Chairs


Cricut Tools
Standard Grip mat
Iron-on Vinyl
Easy Press
Camping Chairs


I measured the space I had for each chair.

In Design Space I inserted the text and picked the font. I then sized it accordingly. I made them the same color so that I could use my two scrap pieces of vinyl on the same mat. When I went to cut I made sure that the design was where my vinyl was on my mat.

After it was cut I weeded each name. I placed the first one on the chair and lined it up.


I used my Easy Press mini for this one as it was a smaller area and I didn’t know if my 9x9 would fit.


The next chair I lined it up the same.


This time I used my Easy Press 2 as I had more space to work with.


After both were cool I peeled back the transfer sheet.


My kids loved that they had their own personalized camping chair!


Camper Silverware Tray

I bought this tray at the dollar store and it just so happened to fit one of our camper drawers perfectly! I wanted to dress it up a little bit tho.



Cricut Tools
Permanent Vinyl
Standard Grip Mat
Transfer Tape


I found the images right in Design Space for the knife, fork, and spoon.

I measured the space for each utensil and sized them accordingly on my canvas.


I cut them each out of the Permanent vinyl and used transfer tape to place them in the spots. I also liked the happy camper image so I ended up using that as well.


Camping Shirts

I have made some fun camping shirts for myself in the past and wanted to include my kids in the fun tradition this year.



Cricut tools
Iron-on Vinyl
Standard Grip Mat
Easy Press
Camping SVGs

          Camp More Worry Less
          Campers Gonna Camp
          Peace Love Camping


I uploaded the camping SVGs into Design Space and sized them to the shirt that they would be going on.


I placed the vinyl shiny side down on my standard grip mat and had the Cricut cut out each design.


I used my Easy Press to transfer the vinyl onto each shirt.

We rocked our new shirts for our first camping adventure this year!


*Making memories one campsite at a time.


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