Cricut Easy Press Mini // Unboxing

Cricut Easy Press Mini // Unboxing

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Get professional looking Iron-On projects complete with the Cricut Easy Press Mini. Great for clothes, bags, shoes, stuffed animals and more.

Purchase the Cricut Easy Press Mini Here


It's a perfect complement to any Cricut cutting machine or larger Cricut heat press.

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I love this new mini gadget, if I only had my cricut to go with it. My husband and I took our kids on a mini vacation and while we were gone someone broke into our home and stole everything out of my craft room and our clothing along with our flat screens. Out of all the things stolen I cry the most over all the stuff that they stole out of my craft room. I am a recovering addict, clean for almost 5 yrs now and the craft room was my major serentity place, it helped me stay clean when I loooked around and saw all the major accomplishments that I had made with all my crafting items. This time was a major downfall for my husband and I, we had been married for going on 25 years when this happened and now we are separated and my life is a mess. I have maintained to keep y sobriety through it all, but I lost my oldest son right after. I hope one day I can get me another cricut and press but right now I barely have a place to lay my head. With all this being said I just want to thank everyone for their projects that U share with me. I store them all in a file so that when the day comes again for me to have one I will have all your great ideas and projects.

Tonya Ethridge

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