Easy Thanksgiving Cards With Watercolor and Cricut Pens

Easy Thanksgiving Cards With Watercolor and Cricut Pens

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You don't need to be a painter to make these darling Thanksgiving cards. They remind me of artist illustrations, complete with watercolor accents and hand lettering - and no one needs to know that the Cricut did all the heavy lifting.

completed card



  • Watercolor paper
  • Watercolor paint set
  • Scrapbook paper or cardstock
  • 5x7 inch folded card
  • Tape runner or double-stick tape
  • Die cutting machine with black pen



Select one of the wonderful Thanksgiving designs from Cricut Access and draw the design on watercolor paper using a black pen.

draw with pen

finished drawing

Loosely paint in the shapes on the card using a small amount of watercolor paint.  Use a little bit of 2 colors of paint in each shape and allow them to mix liberally.

The water in the paint will smear the black pen, so take care to limit the paint contact with the lines drawn using the pen.  A little bit of contact creates some interesting color mixing and shading in the illustration, but too much will muddy your colors.

paint in leaf shapes

Paint a scribble of color around the edges of the illustration and spatter some thin paint across the surface of the card. Allow to dry.

spatter paint over card

Color in the text using a black marker.

color in lettering

Cut a 5x7 inch piece of scrapbook paper or cardstock and adhere to a 5x7 inch folded card using a tape runner. Adhere the watercolor painting on top of the scrapbook paper using the tape runner.

finished card

top view completed card

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