Thanksgiving Table Accessories Using Your Cricut

Thanksgiving Table Accessories Using Your Cricut

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completed project

Are you looking for a fun and easy way to add a touch of sophistication to your Thanksgiving table this year? Look no further than this DIY project that combines faux leather paper and adhesive foil vinyl to create beautiful leather-look accessories. In this post, we'll show you how to create personalized place cards, stylish napkin rings, and a custom charger plate using a few simple materials and a Cricut cutting machine. With the ability to customize the colors and designs to your liking, this project is sure to impress your guests and add a touch of elegance to your holiday table setting. 


  • Faux Leather Paper or Kraft Tex, natural
  • Adhesive foil vinyl
  • Decorative gold wire
  • 1.5 inch wood block
  • Paint or wood stain in colors of choice
  • Waxed or other heavy thread
  • Dollar store charger plate
  • White glue
  • Contact adhesive



Add an oak leaf shape to Cricut Design Space and size the leaf to about 4 inches long. For each place card, make 2 leaves – each a mirror image of the other.

oak leaf cut design

Cut a strip of adhesive foil about 1.5 inches wide and apply it to the edge of a sheet of leather paper or Kraft Tex on your cutting mat.

foiled paper ready for cutting

Arrange and rotate the leaf designs before cutting so that the foil strip will fall at one end of the first column of leaves when cut.  The leaf with the foil end will be the front of the place card.  Glue the plain leaf (without foil) to back of the place card using white glue so that each card is two layers thick.

place card fronts and backs

Create names for your place cards using text in Cricut Design Space.  The font I am using is called AR Berkeley.  The spacing between the letters was reduced so that the letters touched or nearly touched (to resemble handwriting) and then the text was welded together.

text design

Cut the names from adhesive foil. Weed the designs to remove the excess foil and apply each name to a leaf using transfer paper.

place card with name

Cut 7-8 inches of sturdy decorative wire and curl one end as shown in the image using a pair of needle nose pliers.

wire for card stand

Drill a hole the same diameter as your wire in the top of a 1.5 inch wood block. Insert the straight end of the wire into the hole with a bit of adhesive. Paint or stain the wood block and allow to dry.

place cards in stands



Cut a 4x6 inch piece of leather paper for each napkin ring.  Fold and crease the long edges of the paper to the back so that the edges meet.  Spread white glue on the back of the paper and glue the edges in place.

glue napkin ring

While the paper is still damp from the glue, roll it into a ring shape. Overlap the ends of the ring about half an inch and secure the ring together using a piece of waxed cord threaded through both ends.  Or attach a decorative button or brad through both ends to hold the ring together.

secure ring ends toegther with cord

Create a decorative accent for the napkin ring by cutting one 2 inch circle from foil-covered leather paper and one circle from plain leather paper for each ring.  Glue the plain circle to the back of the foiled circle using white glue. Cut and affix a design of your choice on top of the foiled circle.  Glue the layered circle to the top of the napkin ring using white glue and allow to dry.

completed napkin rings



Select a design from Cricut Access to accent the edges of your charger plate.  I found this simple grapevine wreath that I thought would pair well with the other table pieces.  It is called Vine Wreath (#MD422E9). I removed several detail pieces from the wreath to simplify the application of the cut design to the plate.

grapevine cut design

Cut the design from adhesive foil vinyl in the colors of your choice.  Transfer the vinyl to transfer paper and lay the design sticky-side-up on your table. 

vinyl on transfer paper

Lay the charger plate face-down on top of the vinyl. Flip the plate over (right-side-up) and finish aligning the design and pressing it well to the plate. Trim any of the vinyl pieces as needed to achieve a wrinkle-free application.

vinyl applied to charger plate

completed charger plate

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