Gift Ideas to Create for Everyone on Your List

Gift Ideas to Create for Everyone on Your List

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Are you looking for Christmas gifts (or any gift) you can make with your Cricut? In this post, we've gathered eight projects that you can make with your Cricut to give as a gift. You can click on all of the links to see how to make the projects and shop for materials on our website,!

Gifts to make with a Cricut Machine- Starbucks Cups, Mugs, Bookmarks, Tote Bags 

1. Magnetic Bookmarks

Book with magnetic bookmarks

These are perfect to give to the reader in your life.

Pairing Idea: You could create a little bundle and gift them their cute magnetic bookmark along with a book and their favorite drink to create a gift experience! 


2. Custom Cup

Starbucks Cup

Starbucks tumbler with floral vinyl

Cool Mom Club

"Cool Mom Club" color changing vinyl on glass mug


Creating a custom cup is the perfect gift, you get to customize it to them and what they like! If you don't like the Starbucks cup, Libbey glasses are a great alternative too.

Pairing Idea: You can add a gift card to their favorite coffee shop or grab them their favorite coffee/tea/etc to elevate this gift to the next level!


3. Hanging Planter

Looking for a gift for a green thumb? This leather hanging planter is so cute and would be perfect for the plant parent in your life!

Pairing Idea: This one may be a bit obvious, but you can include a plant. However, if you are anything like me and know nothing about plants, you could give them a pot to put a plant in with a pack of seeds! Bonus points if you decorate the pot with something they enjoy!


4. Coasters

Infusible Ink Coasters

infusible ink coasters (this design is oranges) and Cricut EasyPress

Leather Coasters

Leather heart coasters


If you're looking for a personalized and practical gift, creating a set of custom coasters is a great idea. It's not only thoughtful, but also a functional item that they can use on a daily basis. You have a lot of creativity here in materials you can use to make the coasters as well as the design! 

Pairing Idea: You can pair your custom coasters with some glassware, a coffee table book, or even some tea towels to match (check out the next item)!

 5. Tea Towels

"If I have to stir it, it's homemade" tea towel

The perfect handmade gift for the host/hostess in your life or someone who recently moved. You can customize it to have any phrase or design that you life!

Pairing Idea: You can pair this gift with so many things to make it more of an experience! You could pair it with some hand soap, a mixing bowl and whisk, a bottle of wine, a candle or so many other home items. 


6. Tote Bag

"Fresh Flower Market" quote on a canvas tote bag with flowers in the bag

"If I can't take my books, I'm not going" canvas tote bag

A tote bag is such a useful gift for anyone in your life because they are so customizable. You can gift this to a student in your life to help carry books, the fitness guru to carry their gear, or the person who just ends up carrying so much (like myself, I ALWAYS carry a tote bag just in case). 

Pairing Ideas: This is another gift that you can pair with pretty much anything depending on the person and which design/phrase you pick. For example: with the first bag you could include some cloth produce bags if they are avid farmer's market shoppers. For the second bag you could give them a book or a gift card to a book store or even a library card! Some other suggestions could be an activity, craft supplies, picnic supplies, etc.


7. Doormat

"I hope you like dogs" front doormat

I love personalized doormats, I think they are just so cute and allow your house/apartment to have some personality that some of the generic ones from the store don't allow. This one in particular is PERFECT for the dog lover on your list! The options are pretty endless with this one as you can add any quote you would like.

Pairing Ideas: This is another gift that you can pair with whatever quote/phrase/image that you end up putting on the mat! In this case, you could include dog treats or even some sort of leash holder. 


8. Throw Pillow

Iron-On Vinyl Pillowcase

Custom pillowcase with family names

More Advanced Funky Flowers- With Sewing

Custom funky floral pillowcase design created using infusible ink

I love the idea of customized throw pillowcases. Multiple throw pillows can get so expensive and hard to store, so being able to just change out the cover is so handy!  You can customize these in any way and use multiple different materials like iron-on or infusible ink. 

Pairing Ideas: I think that these would very much be able to stand alone, but could be cute if you gift a cute blanket to match!


I love the idea of handmade gifts especially if they are useful! Your Cricut is the PERFECT way to make gifts for everyone on your list. The options are endless, you could make so much more. 

 gifts to make with a Cricut Machine- Sweatshirts, keychains, stickers, doormats


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