Hello Summer Bassword Sign Cricut Maker

Hello Summer Bassword Sign with Cricut Maker 3

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I have had my Explore Air 2 for awhile and was so excited to get my hands on the new Maker 3. One of the first projects I wanted to try was to cut wood. I was so jealous of all those out there with the Maker and all the things I couldn’t do. I used the Maker 3 to cut out the little popsicles out of Basswood.



          Cricut Maker
          Cricut tools
          Strong Grip Mat
          Knife Blade
          Wood Round
          1/16 Basswood
          Painters Tape
          Paint brushes
          Polycrylic Sealer
          Permanent Vinyl- White and Black
          Transfer Tape
          Hot Glue gun


I started with measuring my wood round that I had. I then inserted a circle of the same size onto my canvas in Design Space. I found the popsicle shape in images and duplicated it so that I had 6 of them. I sized them to fit inside the circle. I also chose text and typed the ‘hello.’ Sized that to also fit in the circle. I welded the hello together. I also chose a different text for the S-U-M-M-E-R and sized those to fit in the popsicles.


Then it was ready to cut the Basswood. I placed the wood on a strong grip mat. I pressed it down pretty good with my brayer. I moved the wood over about an inch in. If you do this you will want to make sure you move your design over as well.


I used painters tape to make sure that it wasn’t going to go anywhere. I selected 1/16 Basswood as my material and loaded the mat into my machine. I changed the blade to the knife blade. It cut 14 passes. It will then ask you to check your cut. Do not unload your mat. Check to see if the cut went all the way through. If it didn’t cut all the way through you can press the ‘GO’ button and it will cut another pass. You can do this as many times as needed as long as you do not unload your mat.


When I was happy with the cut I unload the mat and I had my cute little wood popsicles.

I used painters tape to tape off the handles of the popsicles and I painted each one a different color. I also painted the wood circle white.


After the paint was dry, I sealed both the popsicles and the circle with polycrylic sealant.


While that was drying I had my machine cut the letters and the word hello out of vinyl and weeded it.


When the sealant was dry I put the letters onto the popsicles.


I then hot glued the popsicles to the circle.


Finally, I used transfer tape to put the word hello onto the wood round.


While I was peeling back the transfer tape some of the sealant came off with the tape. I should have used less sticky transfer tape.


But I think it still turned out pretty cute!


*I don't think my problem is too much craft supplies. My problem is a serious shortage of crafting time.


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