How to Decorate a Mirror with Cricut Vinyl

How to Decorate a Mirror with Cricut Vinyl

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Here is a sign I made by applying Cricut vinyl to a mirror plate originally designed to hold a candle. I found the mirror at a thrift store and thought I could make something with it.



Mirror plate
Cricut Permanent Vinyl (Brushed Vinyl or any type desired)
Strong Grip Transfer Tape
Cricut Maker or Explore
Standard Grip Cutting Mat
Cricut Tools
Rubbing alcohol
Lemon essential oil (optional)
Painter's tape

I started with a quote I had saved on Pinterest and applied it to the mirror with permanent vinyl to make a cute sign for our bedroom wall in our new home.

I used a roll of brushed vinyl I got from a Cricut mystery box. I had not worked with this type of vinyl before. You can see that it has what looks like brush lines on it, hence it's name.

I put a border along the top and bottom edges of the mirror to cover up some imperfections, which were on opposite sides.

I chose a border from Images in Design Space and sized it to fit one side of the plate. Then I duplicated it and flipped one border upside down.

I recreated the text using fonts that were very similar to those in the original design. Here is my completed design below, with everything centered and the color changed.

Here is the brushed vinyl on the cutting mat and in the machine ready to be cut.

Here is my design after being cut and weeded.

I used painter's tape on the mirror to get the text centered on the plate. There is nothing worse than doing a project only to have the text look crooked after it's too late to fix it.

Here are my design elements all cut and ready to be applied with transfer tape.

Tip: Strong grip transfer tape is required with brushed vinyl. 

I learned this the hard way when my regular transfer tape would not work. A sheet of strong grip transfer tape was included with the vinyl roll, but I had not opened it fully before cutting the piece I needed.

I cleaned off the mirror using a bit of lemon essential oil for the price sticker residue and then rubbing alcohol for the entire surface. I did this again after applying the vinyl because the transfer tape left a bit of residue, too.

Once I applied the border pieces to the mirror, my sign was done. It will be so fun to see it hanging in our room once the remodeling is complete.

After a bit of research, I chose to use Command strips to hang my mirror. It weighed less than a pound, so I wouldn't even need large ones.

I removed the little black felt dots on the back of the mirror before applying the Command strips.

Then I stuck two medium Command strips together back to back, one set for the top center of the mirror and one for the bottom center. I used a total of four Command strips.

The strips are labeled on the wall side, so I made sure those sides were facing out when I applied them. I stuck the sign to our freshly painted bedroom wall to see how it would look.

I removed my sign from the wall until our other furnishings are moved into the room. It stuck really well. I almost thought it wouldn't come off, but it did. I could have used small Command strips, and it would have held fine. (The paint was okay after I removed the sign, too).

This was a quick, easy and inexpensive project. Have I inspired you to apply vinyl to a mirror to make your own sign? You could use any type of mirror, even one in a frame. This would be a perfect project for Sweetest Day (October 15th this year) when using a romantic quote.

Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.    (Robert A. Heinlein)


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