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Cricut Machines, Accessories & Materials at Everyday Low Prices
Fairy Shadow Box with Cricut Vinyl

Fairy Shadow Box with Cricut Vinyl


My niece is having a fairy themed birthday party. I wanted to make something special for her for her birthday. I found this mini shadow box at the Dollar Tree and thought that I could use it to make something cute.




Cricut tools
Standard Grip Mat
Premium Permanent Vinyl
Transfer Tape
Fingernail Polish Remover
Shadow Box


I started by taking the back off the shadow box. It was nailed in with these tiny little nails. It was pretty easy to get it to come off.


I then took finger nail polish remover to remove the letters. I honestly thought that I was going to have such trouble with this but it was very easy. The letters came right off.


Next, I measured the inside of the shadow box to know how big my design should be.


I uploaded my design into Design Space. I sized it to the size I measured previously. Because I am putting the design on the inside of the shadow box I needed to mirror my image so that it would be read from the opposite side.


My Cricut cut the design out of Permanent Vinyl. I weeded it when it was done cutting. It is hard to see in the picture because it is white vinyl on a white backing.


I used Transfer Tape to place the image into the shadow box. Place the Transfer Tape on the image. Use a scraper tool to burnish. Take the backing off the vinyl. Place the image onto the glass. Use the scraper tool again to press the vinyl onto the glass. Remove the Transfer Tape.

I attached the pink square to the original backing with some double sided tape.

Next, I poured the glitter in.

I used E6000 to glue the back onto the shadow box. This glue takes a day to set so I left it sit before touching. I am sure you could use a hot glue gun as well but I wanted to be more precise on where the glue was going so I used a Q-tip.

After it set I set it up and let the glitter fall to the bottom. It turned out so cute and I think she is going to love it.


 *There's no star too far, and no dream too grand. So shake the fairy dust and make a wish, the magic's in your hands!




Beth is a Customer Service and Social Media Representative at Craft-e-Corner. She enjoys crafting of all types. When she isn't crafting, she is spending time with her 2 young children, husband, and a crazy dog named Lacey. They love to go camping and enjoy being outside.

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Laura Struffolino - July 22, 2021

Hi My name is Laura, I am new to the Cricut machine and found this site online. I love Faries and I so want to make this, however, there are no Sizes given in direction One, the shadow box size? and what size to create in design space I read what you did, but new and ask you to give more detailed instructions for design space and sizes needed.

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