How to Make Confetti in Any Shape with Cricut

How to Make Confetti in Any Shape with Cricut

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Planning a party with an awesome theme? Why not make some confetti to add to the décor! The Cricut machines make it so easy to make this in any shape or color!


Standard Grip Mat


 I started by deciding what images from Design Space I wanted as confetti. I then sized them to about l.5 inches high.

Click Make it and select the appropriate material.

 Cut out with the Cricut.

 To remove from the mat, I flip the mat over and bend the mat back so that the paper stays flat.

 I do the same when taking off the confetti pieces. bend the mat so that the confetti stays straight. 

 The scraper can be used to remove the unwanted pieces left on the mat.

 Cut out all the confetti pieces and add some pizazz to your party! (I got a two-for with the round #5!)



It is easy to personalize to any themed party. You can even add confetti to birthday cards.


*Kindness is free sprinkle that stuff everywhere!



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