Mother's Day Card

Mother's Day Card with Buttons

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Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and I made this adorable card to give to my Mother. I used the Joy to write and cut the words. I didn’t have the insert card color that I wanted so I used my Explore to make my own card to use on the Joy card mat.



Cricut Joy
Cricut Joy Card Mat
Joy pen
Card and Insert (either one already made or you can make your own)
Design Space Project Link




I started by making my own card to use on the Joy Card Mat. In Design Space I inserted a square and made it 8.5W by 5.5H. I inserted a scoring line and made it 5.5H and aligned it in the center of the card shape I just made. I attached these two together. I then inserted another square and made it 4W by 5.25H. This will be the insert part of the card.

 I then created my design. I started with searching in images for insert card corner cuts. I picked a pretty plain one but there are some pretty ones in there. I then inserted text for the Mothers, Buttons, and Together and picked a font I liked. Keep in mind, when picking a font, the middle of the letters will fall out and not be there. I like to hit contour and eliminate the middle cuts so that I know what it is going to look like when it is cut out. Then I inserted text for ‘are like’ and the ‘they hold everything” and selected a writing font. I positioned it all together how I liked it and attached it with the corner cuts.


I cut the two rectangles out on my Explore. I also used the scoring stylist to be able to fold the card in half better.

I placed the card into the Joy card mat. And had the Joy write and cut the design out of the card. It first did the writing and then it prompted me to change the pen to the blade to cut.


What I love about this card mat is that when you lift up the card, it does all the weeding for you. You just have to scrap off the negative stuff left behind.


Here is the card and the insert. At this point, if you wanted to have the joy write on the inside I would do that now. I figured I would write a little something myself later.


I then found some old buttons and used Elmer’s glue to glue them around the front of the card.


I think it is pretty cute how it turned out and I can’t wait to give it to my Mom on Mother’s Day.


What kind of cards have you made with the Cricut Joy card mat?


*No matter how old she may be, sometimes a girl just needs her Mom!


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