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CRICUT Machines, Accessories & Materials at Everyday Low Prices
Personalized Mermaid Night Light

Personalized Mermaid Night Light

My Brother bought a new house and my nieces bathroom was going to be decorated with a mermaid theme. I made her this cute little mermaid night light to go in her bathroom. It is such a cute, easy, and inexpensive gift you can personalize and match any theme.



Night light – I got mine from the dollar store
Cricut tools
Transfer tape


I saw this night light at the dollar store. It is just a clear square that sits on top of a little light. I picked it up awhile ago knowing I could do something with it. I love that I had it on hand when I found out my niece needed a light for her bathroom.


I first started in Design Space. I created a square that was the same size as the flat part of my night light. I then uploaded my image of the mermaid. I inserted her name and chose the font (why is this part so difficult for me). I changed the color of the mermaid and the name so that it would know that it was going to be cut out of two different colors.


I placed my premium vinyl on my standard grip mat color side up. My Cricut cut out my mermaid. I switched colors and had it cut out the name next. I weeded both images.


Using transfer tape, I placed both the mermaid and the name onto the night light.


What an easy project but how cute it is to gift such a personalized thing! What would you put on your night light?


* I just want to create pretty things and ignore all my adult problems.


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