Positive Scale Quote Cricut

Positive Scale Quote with Cricut

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Getting healthy is always a big New Year’s Resolution. I decided to put a positive quote on my scale to remember to not focus on that number.

Cricut tools
Standard Grip Mat
Vinyl (permanent or removable)
Transfer Tape

I always start by measuring my space to work with. I flipped my scale over and measured the clear area where I wanted the quote.

I then went over to Design Space and inserted a square to my canvas. I sized it to the size of what the clear area on my scale measured to.

I then created my design with the quote to fit inside this square. I changed the two sections to different colors so that my Cricut knew that it was going to be cut out of different colors.

Before hitting make it I hid the square by clicking the little eye next to it on the layers panel.

I wanted to put the words on the underside of the scale so I wanted my design to be mirrored.

Next, I selected Premium vinyl.

I took my first color, silver, and placed it on my standard grip mat. I then loaded it into my machine. After it checks to make sure the mat is long enough it will then begin to cut.

Then I switched to the black and cut that as well. Don’t forget to mirror this one too!

After they were both cut I weeded them.

Using Transfer Tape I placed the words onto my Scale. First remove the backing from the transfer tape. Place it over the design/decal.

Use a scraper to burnish the transfer tape to the vinyl. I do the back side of the vinyl backing as well.

Then remove the vinyl backing.

Take the transfer tape with the vinyl attached and place it onto the scale.

Using the scraper burnish the vinyl to the glass.

Remove the transfer tape.

I repeated these steps with the bottom section.

And now every time I step onto the scale I am reminded that I am more!


*I am enough. I am worthy.


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