Spiral Betty DIY Cricut Iron-On

Spiral Betty DIY with Cricut Iron-On

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Have you seen the new trend of Spiral Betty's? It's a unique way to add a photo to a project and fun to make!

Materials Needed:
• Wood Sign (I found mine on Amazon)
• Cricut Iron-On
• Cricut Die Cutting Machine
 Cricut EasyPress
 Cricut Mat
 Cricut Tools


1. Turn Your Photo into a Spiral
Go to spiralbetty.com and upload the image you want to use. You can use the slider to resize your image. Select black and white on the right side of the screen. You can then play around with the number of rings, scale, lightness and contrast with the tools on the bottom. I did quite a few rings to get more detail.

Once you have it how you would like, download the image. Select advanced options to download as a PNG and have a clear background.

Have you tried photo transfer to wood yet as well?

2. Upload Your Photo into Design Space
Select Complex for image type. If you saved it as a JPG and it has a white background you can remove it here. 

Resize your image accordingly.

3. Cut Out Your Image
Make your to mirror your image when using iron-on and place it shiny side down on your mat. This cut will take quite a while.

4. Weed
Leave your iron-on the mat to weed as it will keep your image flat and make it easier. Cut out the excess background as you go. 

Then the fun part begins of weeding out the spiral and seeing your image take form.

5. Add Your Image to Wood
Set your EasyPress to 285º and 40 seconds. Since my image was larger than my EasyPress, I pressed it in quarters. Slowly remove the liner. If anything starts to peel back up (mine did a few times) press it again.

I love how it turned out! Have you made a Spiral Betty yet?

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Hi i am very new to craft 7 a little confused with the tuturial re the picture do you print it onto something first then once the spiral is cut out place the spiral ontop of it sorry if its a really obvious thing i want to give it a go but dont understand where the picture is printed on thanks

Isobel Hunter

I can’t wait to try this . Beautiful

Melissa Thetford

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