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Shamrock Wreath: Cricut Mixed Media Project for St. Patrick’s Day

Shamrock Wreath: Cricut Mixed Media Project for St. Patrick’s Day

Easy Marble paints add a bit of the unusual to this cute St Patrick’s Day wreath.  And, because the wreath is flat and lightweight, it’s a breeze to hang and store.

shamrock wreath complete



Easy Marble paints in green and white
Water container
Disposable gloves
Watercolor paper, 2 sheets, 9×12-inch
Photo mat and backing board, 11×14-inch
Acrylic paint, dark green
Gold paint pen (optional)
White glue
Ribbon for hanging, about 12-inch
Leprechaun image


For information about Easy Marble paints before beginning this project, check out our blog post, Creative Collage Papers using Easy Marble Paints.

Drip Easy Marble paints on the water following the manufacturer’s instructions.  Work quickly to swirl the paint with a skewer and then lay the watercolor paper on the surface.

easy marble paints on water


Allow the papers to dry thoroughly.

dry marbled papers


Cut your shamrocks from the dried watercolor paper using a die cutting machine or scissors.  To die cut the shamrocks, create a new project in Cricut Design Space.  Bring a shamrock image (like this free one found on Pixabay) onto the canvas.

shamrock image

Duplicate the shamrock in various sizes from 2 to 4 inches.  You’ll want a good assortment of shamrocks to add to the wreath.  Make the project.  If you’d like, outline the cut shamrocks using a gold paint pen.

cut shamrocks


Paint the front of the photo mat with dark green paint.  Allow to dry.

paint mat


Arrange the shamrocks on the front of the photo mat and glue in place.

glue shamrocks to mat


Print a copy of a leprechaun image on letter size paper. Glue or tape the leprechaun image and ribbon to the backing board of the mat.

attach ribbon


Glue the front of the mat to the back of the mat.

shamrock wreath complete

Thanks for stopping by! Lee Ann



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