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Winter Shadow Box: Cricut Mixed Media Project

Winter Shadow Box: Cricut Mixed Media Project

This little winter shadow box looks great on a shelf or displayed on a small easel.  The project takes advantage of the small recess in the back of a cradled wood artist panel.  Layered die cut papers create dimension and draw the eye into the work.

snowman shadow box



Watercolor paper
Cradled wood panel 5×5 inch
Acrylic paint
Gold leaf
Gel medium or decoupage glue
Scrap craft foam or foam tape
White glue


Turn the cradled wood panel over and measure the opening in the back of the panel.  This will be the size you’ll need to cut the shadow box inserts.

Create the shadow box inserts in Cricut Design Space.  You’ll need to create 3 different layers.   Use the size you measured above to determine the overall size of each layer.  As you design, create open space in upper layers so that layers beneath will show through.  Leave about .25 to .5-inch uncut border around the outside of each layer.

individual cut layers

cut layers stacked


Use the Cricut to cut the inserts from heavy watercolor paper.

machine cutting


Paint the shadow box inserts using acrylic paint in your choice of colors.  Consider the contrast in paint colors as you make your selection.  Allow to dry.

paint box layers


Paint the recess and visible sides on the back of the wood panel using acrylic paint in colors of your choice.  Allow to dry.

paint box


Apply gold leaf to the top edge of the panel.  Apply gel medium or decoupage glue to the edge and lay the gold leaf on top.

gold leaf


Allow to dry and brush away the excess gold leaf.  Seal the gold leaf using a coat of gel medium or decoupage glue.

apply gold leaf


Turn each insert layer over and glue a strip of craft foam around all the edges using white glue.

adhere foam


Glue the layers into the recess, stacking one on top of the other.

glue layers in box


snowman shadow box


Here’s another version to check out.

bunny shadow box

Thanks for stopping by! Lee Ann

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