DIY Cards with Brusho Crystals and Watercolor Paint

DIY Cards with Brusho Crystals and Watercolor Paint

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This project combines the 6-piece assorted Brusho Crystal Colour set with a simple watercolor resist technique to create these colorful abstract artworks.  Brusho is highly pigmented watercolor ink powder.  The set includes 6 jars of color (sunburst lemon, orange, alizarin crimson, violet, turquoise, and sea green) and 1 empty spritzer bottle.  Mount your finished work on a sheet of folded cardstock for a unique greeting card.

brusho card



Watercolor paper pad 5 in. x 7 in.
Brusho Crystal Colour set
Rubber Cement
Cardstock, white or color of choice
Double stick tape
A7 envelope



Step 1

Position the stencil over the watercolor paper.  Apply rubber cement through the openings in the stencil.  Allow the rubber cement to dry.  (It just takes a few minutes.)

brush rubber cement through stencil


Step 2

Spritz water onto the watercolor paper using the small spray bottle.  Punch a hole in the lid of the jar of Brusho and sprinkle Brusho over the wet paper.

sprinkle brusho


Step 3

Spritz more water over the crystals.  Use little water for a speckled appearance with more white space.  Use more water to spread and blend the colors.


Step 4

If you accidentally apply too much water and find you have color pooled on the paper, carefully wick some water from the paper using a paper towel.  Allow the paint to dry.

blot excess


Step 5

Remove the rubber cement by rubbing with your fingers.  (You can clean the stencil in the same way.)

rub off rubber cement



The watercolor painting can be used “as-is” on the face of the card or you can add additional details using whatever materials you have on hand.  Options include stenciling or stamping on the painted card using related imagery.  Add metallic accents using a ruler and gold paint pen.  Glue on stickers or other collage accents.

Finish the painting by rubbing an ink pad on the edges of the watercolor paper.

Cut a piece of white or colored cardstock to 7 1/8 in. by 10 1/4 in.  Fold in half to create the base for the card.  Adhere the watercolor paper to the card base using a tape runner or double stick tape.  The card will fit an A7 envelope.

Check out the gallery below for some Brusho inspiration.

brusho card brusho card brusho card brusho card brusho card
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