Welcome Round Sign Cricut Veneer

Welcome Round Sign with Cricut Veneer

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Make your own welcome round sign with your Cricut machine, vinyl, paint and veneer. It's a simple and fun project that can have so many variations!

Materials Needed:
• Wood Sign Base
• Paint
• Embellishments
• Mod Podge
• Glue
• X-acto Knife
 Cricut Veneer
Cricut Deep Cut Blade
 Cricut Vinyl or Painter's Tape
 Cricut die cutting machine
 Cricut tools


1. Paint
Decide how you would like the background of your sign to look. I opted for two colors of paint and leaving some of the sign the original wood color. I used a ruler and drew lines where I would like my paint to be. Then I took some vinyl to mark off my lines so I could paint straight. Coat your area with Mod Podge first to help prevent bleeding.

2. Design Your Saying

Pick what you would like your sign to say and size it accordingly in Design Space. I chose to have "welcome to our" painted on and "home" cut out in Cricut Veneer to give it a more 3D look.

3. Cut
Use the deep cut blade to cut the veneer. Since the veneer is so thin, I used two layers of it and glued them together. I also had to use an X-acto knife to help get my veneer cut all the way through.

For the other words on the sign you can either use the vinyl and place it on the sign, or cut the vinyl so that it is a stencil and paint. I prefer painting as I feel it gives it a more professional look.

Remember to use a layer of Mod Podge before painting to prevent bleeding.

4. Finalize & Embellish
I used tacky glue to glue the veneer on. Then I added a bow and some fake leaves to finalize my sign. 

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