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Cricut Machines, Accessories & Materials at Everyday Low Prices
There’s Snow Place Like Home Winter Pillow Cover Using Cricut Iron On

There’s Snow Place Like Home Winter Pillow Cover Using Cricut Iron On

pillow on bench 

This envelope pillow cover is a simple sewing project that can be customized using iron on for any season.  One yard of fabric and one roll of iron on makes 2 covers for 16x16 inch pillows.


One yard fabric (makes 2 envelope pillow covers)
One 12x24 roll Cricut vinyl (I’m using Everyday Iron On in clay)
Sewing machine and supplies
16x16 inch pillow form


Cut two 17x17 inch fabric squares. Each of these will be the front for one pillow cover. Cut four pieces of fabric measuring 17x12 inches. Two of these pieces will make up the back of each pillow cover.

Fold over ½ inch twice along the long side of each of the back cover pieces. Pin and then machine stitch in place.

hem one long end of back pieces

Create a cut design in Cricut Design Space. I’m using the following two designs, free with Cricut Access: #MF765765 (Owl Habitat) and #M8B28E79 (There’s Snow Place Like Home). Size the design 11.5x11.5 inches. Make the project, taking care to mirror the design before cutting and place the iron on face down on your cutting mat.

cut design

Weed the iron on. Center the iron on on top of each pillow front.

center iron on

Adhere the iron on using your heat press or a household iron following the manufacturer’s directions.

adhere iron on

Now it’s time to assemble the pillow cover!  Put the cover right side up on a table surface.  Lay one of the back pieces right side down on the cover, lining up the raw edges with the pillow cover. Place the other back piece right side down, lined up with the opposite raw edge.

position one half of back

Pin through all layers around the whole edge of the cover. Stitch using  a ½ inch seam allowance. I like to double stitch over the hemmed edges of the pillow back because this is where the cover is most stressed when inserting and removing the pillow form. 

Trim close to the stitching across each of the four corners.

trim corners

Turn the cover right side out. The back of the cover will look like this:

back of envelope cover

Insert the pillow form and enjoy!

pillow finished

pillow on couch

pillow close up


Lee Ann is a mixed media hobbyist who enjoys using her Cricut machine for art projects as well as decorations for her home and garden. She's a new empty-nester with 2 adult daughters. Now she and her husband are free to embark on that US pizza eating tour they always talked about. Lee Ann provides IT support to Craft-e-Corner.

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