Be-YOU-tiful: Mixed Media Painting with Hand Lettering

Be-YOU-tiful: Mixed Media Painting with Hand Lettering

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Create a colorful, feel-good poster using a mix of hand lettering styles.  Finish with a whimsical doodled face. Or mount a clip to hold a photograph of your favorite “Be-YOU-tiful” soul.

handlettered project canvas




16” x 24” canvas board
Collage papers
Fine point and brush tip permanent black pens
Fluid matte medium or decoupage glue
White acrylic paint
Face Image



Sketch the rough alignment of letters on the canvas board.  Choose a mix of letter styles that appeal to you – but select a chunky decorative style for the letters Y-O-U because they will be revealed in collage.




Note the shape and position of the letters for later reference.   Take a photograph or even record the letter shapes and alignment to tracing paper.




Gather a variety of collage papers.  Tear the paper into pieces approximately 2- 4” across.  Glue the collage papers to the canvas board using the matte medium or decoupage glue.  Be sure to brush the matte medium both under and on top of the papers.  (Tip: Reserve an old brush or use a disposable brush for this purpose.) Use your finger or squeegee to remove air from beneath the papers as you work.  Allow to dry.

collaged papers



Using your reference materials, sketch the letter forms lightly on top of the collage using a pencil.

sketch on collage



Paint around the letters using white acrylic paint.

paint white around letters



Trace around the letters using a black fine tip marker.


Fill in the letters using a black brush tip marker (B, e, t, I, f, u, and l).


Glue the face to the bottom left corner of the canvas board using matte medium or decoupage glue.  As before, apply the medium both beneath and on top of the paper, smoothing the bubbles from under the paper.  Brush white acrylic paint to blend the edges of the face into the background.  Allow to dry.

Outline the major lines in the face using a black brush tip pen.

doodled face



Or, instead of the doodled face, attach a Stikkiclip or bull clip the canvas board to hold your own photograph.



Add a few details or flourishes to empty spaces using a black brush tip pen.




Finish the edges of the canvas board using black ink or black acrylic paint.

paint edges black

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