Floral Deer Collage: Make It Using Cricut Print Then Cut

Floral Deer Collage: Make It Using Cricut Print Then Cut

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floral deer canvas

Hey there, are you looking for a fun and creative project to decorate for Christmas? Check out this floral deer canvas tutorial! First, find some copyright-free deer and floral images online or use your own. Then, upload the images to Design Space and use the eraser tools to remove any unwanted background. Save the image as a Print Then Cut Image, and print it on regular copy paper. Cut out the images using your Cricut, and then paint a canvas board with acrylic paint in colors of your choice. Once the paint is dry, glue the collage papers to the canvas board using matte medium or decoupage glue, and voila! You've got yourself a beautiful and unique piece of wall art. Give it a try! 

Part 1: Prepare Your Images

Locate deer and floral images from copyright-free on-line sources or use your own images.  The deer image used in this project was found on Pixabay and the floral images on GraphicsFairy.   The deer image is available below.  Some lovely floral options may be found at Vintage Wallpaper Cabbage Roses, Victorian Large Roses, Vintage Roses, and Vintage Pink Roses.





Upload the image to Design Space.  Select the complex image type to retain all the details of the image. (Note the difference in the image preview of simple vs complex type.)

Use the ‘select and erase’ tool to click to remove large areas of similarly-colored background.

select and erase


Use the ‘eraser’ tool to continue to remove unwanted parts of the image.



Choose ‘Preview’ to help you see little bits of background that you might have missed.



Save the image as a Print Then Cut Image.

save as print then cut


Print the image on regular copy paper using your printer.  You can choose to print the image with or without a small bleed area around the image.

send to printer


print with no bleedWithout Bleed.
With bleed.


Place your printed image on a light grip cutting mat and load the mat into your Cricut.  The machine will scan the image and then cut.

scanningCarefully remove the cut image from the mat. Prepare your other collages images in the same fashion.

cut completed


Part 2:  Create the Collage

Paint the canvas board using acrylic paint in colors of your choice.  The sample uses Manganese Blue mixed with white (at the center) and black (at the edges).  Allow to dry.

paint background blue


Glue the collage papers to the canvas board using matte medium or decoupage glue.  Be sure to apply the medium both beneath and on top of the papers, pressing them well to the canvas board.   If desired, apply additional paint to help the papers blend into the background.

floral deer canvas

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