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Cardstock Flowers Inspiration

Cardstock Flowers Inspiration

When I first embarked on this journey to decorate my new office at my actual job, I didn’t really know where I was going to start. Adventures to home decor stores ended up a major disappointment - if I had to see another sign with “live, love, laugh” on it, I would probably have ended up on the evening news. I realized there was nothing out there which was my style or described me.

Like most of my art I create, I had a vision, a plan and then it went out the window. I would watch a ton of YouTube tutorials on creating origami flowers because I wanted to create some kind of 3D sculpture, then I ended up down the YouTube rabbit hole and watched a tutorial on how to make a paper flower - and then I was obsessed.

I decided I didn’t want to use typical bright colors like most crafters were using. If anyone knows me I wear black, grey and white - it’s classic and clean.

After I found the perfect cardstock shades of grey, my focus shifted to layers, shapes and shadows. I wanted it to be abstract, at times oversized but realistic.

I created my own templates using inspiration from actual flowers. Once I had all my templates, I started cutting shapes and designs. All the designs were hand cut using a knife, which took the longest time - as I was limited on the type of craft supplies I had. I used my trusty hot glue gun and started building my flower structures. One flower after another. Building layers upon layers - I created this.

I created unique centerpieces for the flowers which I created using leftover scraps of cardstock. Nothing was wasted.

This piece now has been hanging in my office for 5 years and has been the topic of so many conversations. It’s the first thing others see when they visit me, and their first reaction is “What?! You made that? ! Can I touch it?!” I love how people find out a little more about me when they see this piece, and find out I’m actually a secret crafter.

Materials Used:

Total of 25 sheets of 12” x 12” cardstock
Craft Knife
Glue sticks and a glue gun
Time: 24 and a bit hours.

If you enjoyed this inspiration, learn how to make paper poppy flowers or create your own rustic sign with rolled flowers 

Feel free to connect with me on my crafting journey @createdbyshalin

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