Christmas in July - DIY wood ornaments with Cricut + bonus snow globe

Christmas in July - DIY wood ornaments with Cricut + bonus snow globe

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Start preparing for Christmas now by making ornaments that you can hand out as gifts or just keep for your own tree! There are all sorts of possibilities, but I focused on what could be done with wood & iron-on, and wood with paint/vinyl. These can easily be customized by using different colors, materials, etc. 


Die Cutting Machine
• Iron-On (I used Lumberjack Sampler + solid black)
EasyPress 2
EasyPress Mat (or towel)
Cricut Standard or Light Grip Mat
• Wood Slice Ornaments (I used these)
Cricut Tools
• Burlap
• Twine
• Glue


1. Measure
Measure your ornaments so you know what size circles to cut with your machine. Mine were about 3.25" leaving some of a border around where I wanted the iron-on to go. Add a small circle for the hole to hang it with and use the slice feature in Design Space.

2. Cut
Place your iron-on shiny side down on your mat and cut your circles for the backgrounds and then the words. Don't forget to mirror your words before cutting.

3. Weed
Weed the circles and words.

4. Cut Burlap
I made a paper stencil the same size as the circle of the iron-on so that I could accurately cut the burlap.

5. Transfer
Using Cricut's recommended Easy Press settings, transfer the circles to the wood and the words to the burlap.



6. Glue & Finalize
Using glue (I prefer clear, tacky glue), attach the burlap to the wood slice. 

Finish the ornaments by adding twine to hang them with and an extra bow if desired. 

I also made these more simple ornaments, by just picking a couple Christmas shapes and ironing them on the same way as explained above.



• Die Cutting Machine
• Iron-On (I used Lumberjack Sampler)
Black Vinyl
• EasyPress 2
• EasyPress Mat (or towel)
• Cricut Standard or Light Grip Mat
• Tag Ornament
• String


1. Measure & Cut
Measure your ornament to figure out what size you need to cut your iron-on. I used a paper stencil to make sure it was accurate, before cutting the iron-on. 

I used a reindeer silhouette and used the slice feature in Design Space to reverse it out of the background.

2. Transfer
Transfer the iron-on using Cricut's recommended settings for wood.

3. Add the Nose
I cut a small red circle from the red part of the checkered iron-on and transferred that as well.

4. Fix Mistakes!
My iron-on moved during the transfer, so I decided to add a black border with vinyl to help it look a little more neat. This took some time to figure out the accurate size and measurements needed, so I practiced with paper again first.

5. Finalize
I added "to" and "from" on the back to turn it into a 2 in 1 gift tag/ornament. Finish by adding string to hang it with.



• Die Cutting Machine
• Vinyl
• Cricut Standard or Light Grip Mat
• Paint
• Wood Ornament
• String
• Glue


1. Measure & Cut
Measure your circle ornament, size your design accordingly and cut. Your vinyl will be the part where you want the wood to show through. I made a separate star cut out of wood to add as well (with the year put on it).

2. Transfer
Transfer your design to your piece, being careful to line up the edges.

3. Mod Podge
Use Mod Podge on your ornament to help the paint not bleed through. Let it dry completely before painting.

4. Paint
Paint and again let it dry completely.

5. Remove Vinyl
Carefully remove the vinyl and touch up any spots that need to be with paint.

6. Add Star
I added a wood star to have the year on. I painted it and added a little bit of glitter, and cut the numbers out of vinyl. Glue it on, add a string and you are done!



Using a DIY snow globe, add whatever you would like to the inside, and follow the instructions that come with it. Then you can easily spruce up the outside with some vinyl! I chose to add snowflakes to mine, but you could also do words, animals, etc.

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