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Christmas in July: Styrofoam Tree Ornament Using Found Objects

Christmas in July: Styrofoam Tree Ornament Using Found Objects

 completed tree


Styrofoam cone, 6 inches
Assorted found objects, buttons, beads, etc.
Hot glue
Chalk paint


Gather an assortment of small objects to adorn your tree. Buttons, beads, brads, bells and similar small items are all suitable. Just make sure that the objects you select are about ¼ inch in depth or less so that the items do not stick out from the cone so far that the cone shape is obscured.

gather objects

Use hot glue to fasten the objects to the Styrofoam cone, covering the cone completely.

begin hot glue objects

hot glue objects

Paint over the cone and objects using 2 coats of chalk paint in your choice of color. 

paint with chalk paint

Apply a very small amount of chalk paint in a contrasting color to a brush and lightly dry brush across the raised parts of your objects to highlight their texture.

dry brush highlights

If you’d like, glue an object to the bottom of the cone to make a trunk or a base for your tree. I’m using a small tin, but a wood disc, old spool, or large bead or block would also work well. Or thread a piece of string through the top of the cone to hang your ornament from a tree.

glue base

completed tree ornament


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