Cricut Beginner Project: Celebration Card

Cricut Beginner Project: Celebration Card

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Did you know Design Space has many free projects to pick from? I needed a card to celebrate both my Dad's birthday and retirement in one. I chose this card that wasn't a particular theme that was quick and easy to make.

You can find the project in Design Space by searching for "Banner Card."

Materials Needed:
Light Grip Mat
Single Scoring Wheel (or just fold the card in half yourself)
Cricut Black Fine Point Pen
Premium Fine Point Blade
• Cardstock (white, black & blue)

1. You will start by cutting out your materials with Design Space walking you through this. Make sure your pen is inserted as well.

I didn't have access to a scoring wheel, so I removed that step in Design Space and just folded the card in half myself.

2. Assemble your card. The banner goes in the slots on the front of the card and the black piece on the inside slots.

3. Customize the inside if you wish. I cut another piece out the same size as the black insert and used my machine to write a personalized message for a more professional look. Glue this piece in when done or simply hand write your own message.

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