DIY Paper Frame Birthday Card Using Cricut Acetate

DIY Paper Frame Birthday Card Using Cricut Acetate

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Looking for a fun and creative way to make a homemade card for someone special? Why not try using your Cricut machine and some scrapbooking materials to create a one-of-a-kind design? In this blog post, we’ll show you step-by-step how to create a masculine-themed birthday card using assorted scrapbooking papers and Cricut acetate. But don’t worry if masculine isn’t your thing – you can easily switch up the papers and images to suit any occasion or recipient.

completed card




Create the pattern for the card frame using basic shapes available in Cricut Design Space.  Begin with a rectangle that is the same size as you’d like for the finished card. Mine was 5x7 inches.

Add to the canvas a rectangle shape that is 2 inches wide by the length of the longer rectangle side.  Because my base rectangle was 5x7 inches, this new shape was 2 inches by 7 inches. 

Add a square to the canvas and rotate it so that it resembles a diamond shape. Size it to 2 inches square. Make a copy.

Align the squares to either end of the 2x7 inch rectangle as shown in the image. Eyeball the placement at first, then use the position markers in Design Space to fine tune the alignment.

 align shapes in design space

Select the rectangle and one of the squares and slice. Delete all the sliced pieces except for the main rectangle shape.

slice one end

Repeat on the other end.

slice other end 

Make a copy of the resulting long ribbon shape.

2 long ribbons

Add a second rectangle that is 2 inches by the shorter dimension of your rectangle. Because my base rectangle was 5x7 inches, this new shape was 2 inches by 5 inches. 

Repeat the steps outlined above to create a short ribbon shape and make a second copy.

short ribbon rectangles 

Align your ribbon shapes to the base rectangle as shown below. Weld all the shapes together to create a single cut shape.

align and weld shapes 

Add scoring lines in the same size and position as the original base rectangle.

add score lines 

Add 4 additional score lines as shown in the image below.

score lines to side

Import the deer images into Cricut Design Space as cut designs and size to about 3x5 inches for a 5x7 inch card.

deer images

Make the project.  Cut the card frame from dark blue cardstock or color of your choice. Cut the deer and tree images from white and gold paper or colors of your choice. 

In addition to these pieces, also cut one piece of scrapbook paper (mine is plaid) and 2 pieces of acetate, each slightly less than 5x7 inches.

For the center of the card, layer the following pieces from front to back – acetate, front deer image, acetate, back trees image, and plaid scrapbook paper sheet. Use a glue stick or a tape runner to tack the pieces in place where it will not show.  Secure all the layers together using masking tape along the edges.

layer papers 

Fold the card frame along the score lines. 

fold on score lines

Place the layered acetate and paper in the center of the frame and fold the frame edges over top. Secure the frame edges in place using a glue stick or tape runner.

fold frame 

Write or stamp your greeting on the back of the card. Add a purchased envelope or use an envelope design from Cricut Access to make your own that matches your card perfectly. Happy birthday, Dad!

card and envelope

card completed

Change up the images and scrapbook papers and make similar cards for other occasions.

christmas card

winter card

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