Personalized DIY Cricut Thank Card

Personalized DIY Cricut Thank You Card

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Cricut allows you to create and design your handmade care for someone special. The joy you feel when a sweet friend opens your card and reads your sentiment of gratitude.  Anyone can cut beautiful designs in for easy, even last minute cards.  Just insert your flair onto the card!

For this project I wanted to send a simple message of appreciation for our team with a autumn look and sweet treat attached.  I found a simple design in Cricut Design Space that was meant for a Joy Insert Card template and decided to make my own inserts with cardstock, so I didn't need the standard A2 size that many use for card making.  No matter which die cutting Cricut machine you have (Explore Air 2, Maker, Joy) you can make a variety of greeting cards. 

 I duplicated images I found in Design Space. 

Joy Insert Card Template

  I loaded Cardstock into my Maker Machine and made sure my Fine Tip Blade holder was in place and ready to cut.  

Maker Cardstock Fine Point Blade Cut

 By using the predesigned image, my cards were already welded where needed and ready to be cut out for individual cards. 

Multiple Cuts for Bulk Card Production

 A simple cut (home made insert card) was placed behind each Cricut cut card piece.  

Ink Edgerz Rustic Look

 After I applied a little ink to the edge of my cards to soften the paper, a few leaves cut and attached a sweet treat, my appreciation cards were ready to hand out. 

 DIY Cricut Thankful Card

 Who could use a quick message of appreciation in your life?

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