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How to Make Cards with a Cricut // Cricut DIY Project

How to Make Cards with a Cricut // Cricut DIY Project

UPDATE 8.17.20: Unfortunately, it seems Design Space is having some issues loading this project on different devices. We have been able to successfully load it on a Mac computer and an iPhone, but some users are experiencing difficulties. We've done everything we can at this point so hopefully it gets resolved soon.

Here are the search tags you can use for this project. Simply copy and paste these tags in the "Images" category and these designs will pop up:

- Envelope: #M4131B

- Scallop Card: #M3E10A

- Square (adjust to size for the scallop card): #M369896

To create the insert, you will need to use the slice tool over the envelope. Hopefully Cricut fixes the issue soon!


I love snail mail– both getting it and receiving it! My grandma always used to send me handmade cards and I always loved the personal touch. I need to send some thank-you cards, so instead of buying them at the store, I thought I would make some!

Find the project in Design Space by clicking here!


Let us know in the comments below if you end up making one! Or join our Facebook group and show us there :) happy making!


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Nancy - February 15, 2021

Can you please send instructions on making these envelopes? I just received a cricut maker and want to make this as my first project. Thank you!!

Jen Knutson - January 27, 2021

You’re link is not working. Could I please get the measurements of the envelopes? Thank you

Paula - August 17, 2020

Your link to this project isn’t working. Could you please send me the link. Thanks, love these cards.

Elizabeth - June 29, 2020

Is it possible to find this pattern for the Silhouette cutter??

Emily - April 9, 2020

I tried your link to find the project in design space. It isn’t working. Can you please email me the link?
Thank you!

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