Faux Leather Mother's Day Keychain Cricut

Faux Leather Mother's Day Keychain with Cricut

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Faux leather has been one of my favorite things to cut with my Cricut lately. You can make so many cute things and it comes in such a variety of colors and patterns. This adorable key chain was pretty easy for my Cricut to cut and I used hot glue to attach it all together. Think of all the possibilities for words and patterns!



Faux Leather
Strong Grip Mat
Painters Tape
Deep Cut Blade
Key Chain Ring
Hot Glue Gun and Glue



In Design Space I inserted text and picked a font I thought would work well with this project. I knew I wanted the word to be in all caps. I picked Learning Curve as my font because of the rounded edges and pretty straight lines ever where else.


I UnGrouped the word so that I could move the letters closer together. I made sure that the connecting points were smooth.


After selecting the whole word I welded it together.


I then duplicated it.


After that, I flipped it horizontally and separated them about an inch apart.


Then, I created a rectangle by inserting a square and changing the dimensions to 1.1”W by 0.4”H. I selected the two Mama parts and the rectangle and aligned it to the center horizontally. Make sure that the rectangle is overlapping on both MAMA’s equally.


Then I just welded the whole thing together. Let’s make it!


I put the faux leather pretty side down on the purple mat. I always use painters tape to hold down the faux leather as well. Really push down the faux leather onto the mat (use a brayer too to help really stick it on)


Here it is all cut out and looking so pretty already.


I got all my materials set. I plugged in my hot glue gun and started to get it warmed up.


Slightly folding one side of the mama leather in half hotdog style, I fed the faux leather through the key ring. It needs to be where the rectangle part is.


Line up the Mama parts right on top of each other. Make sure they look good right on top of each other. Using the hot glue gun I slowly glued the two pieces together. Do not put any glue on the rectangle part, only the letters.


I went super slow. I wanted to make sure it was lined up perfectly, so I did about a half a letter at a time while gluing.


I immediately put it on my keys. I loved it so much! This would make such a cute Mother’s Day gift. But you could totally change the word up and the possibilities are truly endless. Personalized name keychains would be great to sell as well!


* Life doesn't come with a manual. It comes with a mother.


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