Mother’s Day Crafts

Mother’s Day Crafts

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Mother’s Day is one of my favorite times of the year. Who doesn’t love to celebrate their Mom?! Even though I am not a mom yet, I know that there is nothing mom’s love more than handmade gifts from their kids. Especially gifts that came from the heart and are personal to them! So today, I’m gathered a few of my favorite projects that I think would be great for Mother’s Day. Of course, it would be best to personalize them to your mom’s liking! You could make one or better yet – make a couple and put them in a gift basket for her! And the great new is that all of these projects can be completed with your Cricut machine, regardless of which machine it is.

1. Custom Doormat

Custom Doormat: I Hope You Like DogsIf you’ve been around here for the past few months, you know how much we love custom doormats! A lot of our Facebook group members and Instagram followers have been making them too, since we published a tutorial on how to make them. We wrote about it on our blog and also published a YouTube video. We found the doormat at Target and then used Permanent Premium Vinyl for the stencil. You can easily make this project in under thirty minutes. It might seem intimidating at first but it’s actually a pretty simple process. You just need some outdoor paint, your Cricut, transfer tape and the outdoor (permanent) vinyl. Maybe Mom isn’t a dog person? No worries – here are some of my other favorite quotes for doormats that I’ve seen:

  • There’s, Like, A lot of Kids in Here
  • The Neighbors Have Better Stuff
  • I Hope You Have Pizza
  • If you’re Amazon, Joanna Gaines or a Babysitter, We’re Home

I know that this will put a BIG smile on Mom’s face – and you can make it for about $15 too, so even better!

2. DIY Photo Magnets

Melanie from It Happens in a Blink used Printable Magnet sheets to make these adorable magnets! She used Cricut’s Print-then-Cut feature for this. First, you’ll print the design using a home printer and then put the print on a Cricut mat and the Cricut will cut it out for you! Wouldn’t it be cute to make a handful of these for your mom to put on her fridge? You could print pictures of you and her together or maybe some favorite places she has gone. It’s an inexpensive and quick craft that she’s sure to love.

3. Custom Pillow


I don’t think you can ever have enough pillows in your house! Jeanie from Create and Babble used Cricut’s Stencil Vinyl to make the pillow on the left. It is really simple – cut your stencil and then paint! Just go slow. She covers all the details on her blog. I also found this image online (on the right) that I loved and thought could serve as some inspiration for you! I bet your mom or grandma would love a pillow with everyone’s names and birthdays on it. Unfortunately, I can’t find the author of the photo but you could definitely apply Jeanie’s tutorial to make it. Or you could use Cricut’s Iron-On on the pillow as well, if you don’t want to mess with paint!

4. Handmade Mother’s Day Gift Basket

This project from Lisa at Farmhouse on Boone is one of my FAVORITES! I think I might have to do something like this for my mom this Mother’s Day. She created an entire gift basket full of handmade goodies: lip balm, candles, body spray, body butter, a lavender roller bottle and bath salts. Every last bit is HANDMADE. Amazing! While you can’t use your Cricut to make a candle, you CAN use your Cricut to make pretty labels or tags for everything! I think you’ll love this project…or really projects. Check it all out here!

5. Handmade Card

Or maybe you just want to get your mom a gift card for a mani/pedi or to her favorite restaurant? You could use your Cricut to make her a card that is sure to make her smile or laugh. This project can actually be found in Design Space and is a free project to make. This one is sure to make her smile!

I hope that helps you out in your Mother’s Day gift-making! I’m sure whatever you make will be the perfect gift for her.


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