How to Make Quick Metal Easter Plaques with a Cricut

How to Make Quick Metal Easter Plaques with a Cricut

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Make some cute Easter plaques with your Cricut machine and permanent vinyl in spring colors to add to your seasonal home décor collection. Don't have a collection? Why not start one now that you have a Cricut? These take only minutes to make, and you can add as much detail as you want. I kept mine simple.


Galvanized metal cutouts in Easter shapes
Cricut Maker or other Cricut machine
Permanent vinyl in spring colors
Standard Grip cutting mat
Transfer tape

These galvanized metal cutouts were purchased at the Dollar Tree, and I used scraps of spring-colored vinyl to add to them. I stuck to three colors, pink, purple and turquoise, and used at least two colors on each cutout. 

A Girl Nursery Bundle includes these colors, if you don't have them on hand. The Mermaid Bundle would also work well for this project.

I started in Design Space by adding an egg-shaped template to my canvas and sizing it to match my metal cutout. That helped me know what size to make my vinyl designs.

I wanted to put a word on each cutout and chose "yum" for the egg, mainly because eggs and Easter candy taste good, and I couldn't come up with anything else.

For the rest of the egg design, I opted for zigzag lines and did a search for that in Design Space until I found one that would work and selected it to put it onto my canvas.


I rotated the line so it would go straight across instead of on a diagonal. 

I also increased the size of the line so it would fit across the egg along the wider bottom portion. Once I was happy with that, I duplicated it to have two zigzag lines.

I made the lines a little wider than the egg to make sure they would go all the way across once cut. I could always trim off the edges, if necessary, instead of having to cut them out again if they were too short.

Next, I created designs for the bunny and the chick, finding a face for each one and choosing a word - "hop" for the bunny and "peep" for the chick. Original, huh? 

I also added pink pieces for inside the bunny's ears. The shapes, designs and one of the fonts I used for this project are shown below.

Here are all three designs on my canvas, ready to be cut out. Note that I grouped together design elements that would be cut of the same color, even though they were not all for the same plaque.

Once the designs were cut out, I weeded them all and grouped them together according to the cutouts they would be adhered to.

For the chick's face, I cut out the entire face design but then removed the large face shape, leaving the eyes, beak and eyebrows. 

Now it was time to stick the vinyl pieces to my metal cutouts to make my plaques. I used transfer tape to move each design element to the cutout shape it went on, starting with the egg.

I added the first zigzag line and trimmed the edges to match up with the cutout.

Then I added the other line and the word "yum," and this one was done.

Next up was the bunny...

.....and then the chick.

Aren't they cute? I'm happy with how these Easter plaques turned out, and this has to be one of the fastest projects I ever did. This would be a great project for a beginner.

With designs like this, I usually have my grandchildren in mind, knowing they will enjoy the cute holiday accents around my house when they come over. What is your motivation for creating unique décor for your own home with a Cricut?


Everybunny needs somebunny sometimes.


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