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Repurpose Special Occasion Cards into Colorful Wall Decor with Cricut

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completed wall decor

Do you have a collection of special occasion cards lying around and want to find a creative way to keep them on display? In this blog post, we’ll show you how to turn your cards and notes into a stunning piece of wall art that you can enjoy every day. It’s a great way to repurpose your cards and keep them in sight without taking up valuable space. You can use cards from any occasion, be it a wedding, birthday or graduation, and adapt your saying to match.

The project involves cutting hexagon shapes from your cards, sorting and organizing them by color, and gluing them onto your backing. You can audition the arrangement to ensure even spacing, and if you’d like, add a saying that reflects the card occasion using adhesive vinyl. Finally, hang your new wall art using self-adhesive wall strips. With these simple steps, you can have a completed wall decor project that will add a personal touch to any room in your home.


  • Greeting cards
  • Canvas or cardboard for backing, 16x20 inches
  • Clear plastic, sized to cover backing, 16x20 inches
  • Glue
  • Small screws
  • Adhesive vinyl (optional)


Sort your greeting cards by size to make cutting them more efficient.  My cards sorted into 2 piles – one for cards approximately 4x6 inches and one for larger cards. Cut the front from the back of the cards. Separate out any cards that are extra thick or have embellishments that would make die cutting difficult. You can still use these cards if you’d like - by removing backings or embellishments - or by hand cutting.

Add a hexagon shape to your canvas in Cricut Design Space and size it 2 inches across.  Determine the number of hexagon shapes that can be cut from your size cards. For example, I copied the hexagon to cut 6 shapes from my 4x6 inch cards and about 8 shapes from my larger 5x7 inch cards. Make the project, cutting hexagons from all your cards.

Now the fun begins! I decided to sort the cut shapes and roughly organize them by color moving across my backing. You can of course do make your own pattern or do something completely random if you’d like.

sort pieces by color

Audition the shapes on whatever you’ve selected for your backing. I used a couple of 16x20 inch stretched canvases for a backing and later decided to protect the canvas using plastic recycled from a poster frame of the same size. However, you could bypass the canvas altogether and simply adhere your cut pieces to the poster frame backing.

Auditioning the arrangement is important for even spacing and particularly needed if you choose to do something in a different size than the 16x20 inch size I used. I needed 8 rows and 11 columns of whole pieces in addition to partial pieces on the edges for a full and uniform arrangement. When you are satisfied with the layout, glue the cut pieces to your backing and allow to dry. 

glue pieces in placeglue edge pieces

Using scissors, trim the edge pieces, removing anything that extends beyond the edge of your backing.

trim edge pieces

Attach the plastic cover from the poster frame on top of the canvas using small screws. Or, if you elected to work only using the poster frame, reassemble the frame.

attach clear plastic with screws

screw close up

If you’d like, cut a saying that reflects the card occasion from adhesive vinyl and adhere it to the clear plastic cover over one end of the artwork. I used Cricut's matte adhesive foil on my project.

vinyl message overlay

Hang your new wall art using self-adhesive wall strips. I decided to use my panels as a kind of window valence for a small window at the end of my hallway.

Thanks for stopping by!

- Lee Ann

panels side view

panel top view

 completed wall decor project

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